Kane Brown Teases Heartfelt Song About His Daughters

17 June 2024 | 2:50 pm | Tione Zylstra

‘Backseat Driver’ was posted to Instagram in the lead-up to Fathers Day.

Kane Brown

Kane Brown (Source: Supplied)

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In a post to Instagram on Friday (June 14), Kane Brown teased a new track about his daughters titled Backseat Driver.

Included in the snippet of the country song are the lyrics: “One day I'll look back / And I'll miss when / My whole world wasn't over that dash / It was back there buckled in / Saying Daddy look, there's a plane in the sky.” 

Captioning the video, Brown said, “Anyone with daughters or just kids in general! Hope this song hits hard for you.”

The song details the questions children often ask of their parents during a drive, and closes with, “It's crazy all the things she sees on the side of the road out of that window beside her / I wish I could be more like her / My little dangling feet pretty in pink backseat driver."

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Backseat Driver was met with waves of encouragement and enthusiasm, including a comment from Brown’s wife, Katelyn Brown, who said, “I have cried to many times listening to this …. I can hear her voice asking all those questions. most beautiful real song.”

Brown is a dad to two daughters, Kingsley and Kodi, and is expecting the birth of his son any day now. He recently posted a video of the gender reveal for his son, following the pregnancy announcement over Christmas. 

Brown made the headlines lately for booting a rude concertgoer from his show in Atlanta (June 8).