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Oliver Anthony Reveals Plans For Debut Album

30 October 2023 | 10:14 am | Mary Varvaris

Like Oliver Anthony's already-released songs, the album will remain a low-key affair "with a few other instruments added."

Oliver Anthony

Oliver Anthony (Source: Supplied)

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With Oliver Anthony’s phenomenal rise to fame in recent months, it’s easy to forget that the controversial working-class singer hasn’t yet released his debut album. But, that release might be coming sooner than we think.

Taking to Instagram on Friday (27 October), Anthony revealed his plans for recording his debut LP in early 2024 – before his first-ever Australian appearance at CMC Rocks in March, too.

“Have been in the woods lately writing some songs and petting some dogs,” Anthony began. “Will be recording my first official album in January. Going to be recording outdoors, much like the RadioWv session videos you've seen popping up on YouTube recently, but with a few other instruments added.”

Will Anthony’s debut album feature his successful hit, Rich Men North Of Richmond? The song has taken on new life after being nominated for two Billboard Music Awards – Top Selling Song and Top Song Sales Artist, the latter category also sporting mega names Morgan Wallen and Jason Aldean. The awards will be broadcast on 19 November.

Oliver Anthony’s breakthrough single went viral in August, gaining over 28 million views in under two weeks and divided listeners across the US. Early in the song, he sings, “I've been sellin' my soul, workin' all day / Overtime hours for bullshit pay.”

While the song gained attention from political figures on the left and the right, Anthony stated that he stands at the “centre of the road” regarding politics.

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This month, Anthony’s life will change some more, with the singer preparing to be a father to a baby boy.

According to an August New York Post report, Anthony is married to a woman named Tiffany Lunsford and, before his recent baby announcement, already had two children. Some commenters on Instagram wrote that Anthony is already a father to two girls. We wish for Tiffany to experience a smooth birth and recovery following the arrival of the couple’s baby boy.

In March 2024, Oliver Anthony will make his Australian tour debut, with the star booked to perform at Queensland’s landmark country music festival, CMC Rocks. He joins a line-up headlined by Lainey Wilson, Tyler Hubbard and Chris Young.