Miranda Lambert Breaks Up Crowd Fight Mid-Song

2 July 2024 | 8:43 am | Mary Varvaris

"I will come down there. We’re not doing that today."

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert (Source: Supplied)

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Footage of Miranda Lambert pausing a song and dealing with fans fighting at a Texas show in late May has surfaced online, with the singer sending a clear message: don’t start bullshit at her concerts.

Lambert noticed a commotion in the audience during an unlikely song—her touching ballad, Tin Man—when she called out mid-song from the stage, “Is somebody okay? Did somebody faint? Did somebody pass out? Are you good? Are y’all fightin’?”

Clearly uninterested in the reasons for fighting during Tin Man, she sternly said, “During this song? Because I will come down there. We’re not doing that today.”

Telling the crowd how serious she was about getting between the fight, Lambert added, “I’m gonna go east Texas red on your ass real quick!"

“Is everybody okay? Is anyone bleeding?” she asked. “He ain’t worth it. It’s always the girls; we always get riled up and start punching each other.”

Then, addressing the fans who caused the commotion, anyone who thought of following suit, and the Midland police, Lambert said, “Dear police, can we just go ahead and remove [them]? That’d be great. Thank you very much.”

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You can watch the footage of Lambert pausing the show and breaking up the fight below.

Earlier this year, Lambert hinted at the follow-up to 2022’s Palomino, telling People of her upcoming new music—which she teased with new single Wranglers, “I made this record in Texas. I hadn’t made an album in Texas since I was 18... I’m really excited to share [the new music]. It’s very country. You can tell we made it in Texas.”

In other Miranda Lambert-related news, the singer is set to star on Lainey Wilson’s forthcoming album, Whirlwind, and back in May, she announced that she’d headline a benefit show this October to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the nonprofit MuttNation Foundation, which she co-founded alongside her mother, Bev.

“I wanted to do something special to celebrate MuttNation’s 15th anniversary and thought sharing an evening of great music with some great friends that will also feature lots of mutts would be about as much fun as anything I could imagine,” Lambert commented in a statement, via Billboard.

“We’ll have an adoption event and lots of other activities — and just make it a big party. I hope everyone will come out and party with us.”