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Maren Morris Shares Her 'Wicked' Video Audition

24 May 2022 | 11:27 am | Staff Writer

Idina Menzel won the Tony Award for ‘Best Leading Actress in a Musical’ for her role as Elphaba in the original Broadway production of Wicked.

Maren Morris

Maren Morris (Image: via Facebook)

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On May 2, Maren Morris expressed her interest in auditioning for the main role of Elphaba in the musical Wicked.

She tweeted, “Gonna send an audition tape in for Wicked on Broadway. What the hell. Let’s see what happens.” Adding, “I identify heavily as an Elphaba but good god her songs are high.”

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Returning to Twitter on May 22, the Humble Quest singer shared a brief video singing a snippet of the track The Wizard and I, as sung by the future Wicked Witch of the West.

She wrote, “Test shot for my self-tape audition. The THEATRE dah-ling IS JUMPING OUT. Honestly, even if I don’t get the part, this was so fun, and I bought a freakin’ backdrop off Amazon.”

Anyone who has seen or is familiar with the musical understands the demanding vocal work required for the lead role. Morris took to Twitter for vocal warmups to help get her “show ready”.

She captioned, “*VOCAL NERDS ONLY* Prepping for this audition is harder than I thought. Elphaba hitting a full voice F5 but mostly being an alto the rest of act 1 is tough! What vocal warmups would work for this part?”

She added, “Also, as a singer of my own music, I can belt, but rarely. [Elphaba] goes from falsetto to full voice in the same word in 2 songs I’ve noticed. [I’m Not That Girl] and No Good Deed she does this. It’s very technically skilled and I can do it, but the idea of 8X a week is daunting!”

With music and lyrics by Stephen Schwatz and a book by Winnie Holzman, Wicked is backed on the 1995 Gregory Maguire novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, based on the characters and setting of the classic 1900 novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and the 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film The Wizard of Oz.

Wicked tells the story of two unlikely friends, Elphaba and Galinda (whose name later changes to Glinda the Good Witch), whose relationship struggles through their opposing personalities and viewpoints, same love-interest, reactions to the Wizard's corrupt government, and, ultimately, Elphaba's private fall from grace.

The original Broadway production won three Tony Awards, while its original cast album received a Grammy Award, featuring Idina Menzel as Elphaba. Menzel, who most recently voiced Elsa in Disney’s Frozen, took home the Tony Award for ‘Best Leading Actress in a Musical’ for Wicked.

Morris recently gave fans an inside look into her tour bus for her upcoming Humble Quest tour. The bus features a front lounge, kitchen area complete with a butcher block, refrigerator, and freezer, a fake fireplace, two bathrooms (including one shower), a series of bunks (including one that’s bolted in for Morris’ two-year-old son, Hayes), a back closet, and a storage area.

Morris’ Humble Quest tour is to promote her third studio album of the same name, released back in March of this year. The album features songs such as lead single, Circles Around This Town, as well Background Music, Nervous, The Furthest Thing and I Can’t Love You Anymore, her collaboration with husband and fellow country singer, Ryan Hurd.

Morris first announced the album news on social media in mid-January, along with a letter to fans in which she described the record as “country-er” than her last and “really hopeful.”

Morris wrote in part, “It turns out the pandemic did humble me. Shooting off my mouth one time too many humbled me, the death of a beloved friend and producer humbled me, motherhood and marriage humbled me. 'Humble' began to feel more like a grounded state of understanding oneself; not so much by being relatable to or understood by all.”

She concluded, “Am I humble enough now? Maybe. Or maybe I still haven’t found it yet. Or maybe, who gives a sh** as long as your friends and, most importantly, you know what your heart is all about? But here’s to taking the quest to find out.”


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