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MacKenzie Porter’s ‘False Alarm’ Text Conversation Wins The Internet Today

29 February 2024 | 2:32 pm | Mary Varvaris

MacKenzie Porter answered the question: what happens when a woman experiences a false alarm around her water breaking when pregnant?

Mackenzie Porter

Mackenzie Porter (Credit: Bree Marie Fish)

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MacKenzie Porter has shared a series of “false alarm” text messages between herself and her family, answering the question: what happens when a woman experiences a false alarm around her water breaking when pregnant?

In an amusing caption alongside screenshots of the text messages, Porter wrote, “Monday we had a lil false alarm over here….. the text chain between me and my sister Kelsey Porter, a dad who likes to chime in and a mom who can't respond cuz she's already on her way to the airport.”

The text chain began like this and understandably threw the Porter family into chaos: “I’m pretty sure my water just broke. Or I just peed myself… we are calling the Dr now. But keeping y’all updated.”

Kelsey Porter responded, “For real???” to which MacKenzie answered, “Well, now I don’t know. My OB said she thinks I just peed my pants”. Later in the text chain – after laughs about MacKenzie peeing herself – her father revealed that her mother was already at the airport and wrote, “Maybe she’ll get there in time for you to pee again”.

Her dad hilariously ended the conversation with, “I don’t know how we’d all have reacted if you had crapped your pants! Good Lord”. You can see the entire text chain below.

In November, MacKenzie Porter announced that she was pregnant. Not long after, she revealed that she and her husband, Jake Etheridge, are expecting a baby girl.

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“Our sweet baby. We couldn’t be more excited to meet you, hold you, kiss your lil squishy cheeks and let Willa lick your lil toes,” Porter wrote, accompanying some beautiful pregnancy photos on Instagram.

“To say we are a tad nervous would be an understatement, but what we know without an ounce of doubt is that we will love you more than anything in this entire world. We will never go back to who we were before. WE are now THREE (well 4 including the fur bean) forever. Love Mom and Dad”.

In other MacKenzie Porter news, the About You singer will release her debut 19-track full-length album, Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart, on Friday, 26 April. You can pre-save/pre-order the album here.