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MacKenzie Porter Dances With Newborn To ‘Easy To Miss’

8 May 2024 | 3:38 pm | Mary Varvaris

“New mom, new album, She’s a mess, she’s hanging on by a thread, but she’s living”.

Mackenzie Porter

Mackenzie Porter (Credit: Bree Marie Fish)

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MacKenzie Porter has shared an adorable video of herself dancing to the new album track Easy To Miss with her daughter, Bowie.

Hitting play, the Canadian singer, actress and performer mimes to the chorus of her stunning song as she gently rocks and dances with Bowie in a baby carrier.

Porter jokingly captioned the video, “I think this is what they call a hot mess”, alongside text that appeared on the clip: “New mom, new album, She’s a mess, she’s hanging on by a thread, but she’s living”.

With Bowie in her arms, Porter offered a new meaning to Easy To Miss, the lyrics hitting hard, knowing she’s a new mother who’s somehow also promoting a new album.

Well, it's hard wakin' up in the mornin’, and it's hard gettin' sleep at night,” she croons in the song’s chorus. “And it's hard when I'm reelin'/ Starin' at the ceilin' with you on my mind. And it's hard holdin' on to nothin'/ With my arms 'round the emptiness. But it's harder to let go/ Why you gotta be so easy to miss?

You can watch the video below.

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In March, Porter and her husband, Jake Etheridge, welcomed their baby girl, Bowen James Porter Etheridge, or Bowie for short.

On Instagram, Porter wrote, “Last Thursday at 7:21 am our little ‘Bowen James Porter Etheridge’ (Bowie 🎀) made her grand entrance into the world. She is healthy! She loves milk! She loves cuddles! She loves to sleep all day and party all night! She has a full head of black hair (the heartburn was very worth it) and we will never ever love anything more than our little Bo girl 🩷🎀🩷 @People thanks for sharing our best creation ever”.

Two weeks ago, Porter released her highly anticipated debut full-length albumNobody’s Born With A Broken Heart, via Big Loud Records.

Porter spent six years bringing Nobody's Born With A Broken Heart to life. Having lived through so many formative moments in that time – like, for example, the birth of her first daughter – it’s no surprise she had a lot of stories to tell (and we’re sure there’s even more that wound up on the cutting room floor).

Every song on the record is unique in its own way, but they all come together to tell a rich and engaging story that deserves to be experienced in its entirety. Countrytown’s Ellie Robinson recently went on a journey with the album and picked out five essential songs—you can find out which songs they are here.