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Lindsay Ell, Jimmie Allen & More Get Candid About Their Mental Health In New ACM Series

3 June 2022 | 10:15 am | Staff Writer

ACM Lifting Lives Present the Check-In is available to watch online.

Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell (Image: Supplied)

TRIGGER WARNING: The following article may distress some readers. If you need assistance, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636.

Lindsay Ell, Jimmie Allen, Michael Ray, Brett Eldredge and Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne are just a few of the country stars promoting mental health awareness through ACM Lifting Lives' new digital series, called ACM Lifting Lives Present the Check-In.

In each episode, artists candidly delve deep into their own mental health experiences and challenges over the recent few years, while sharing how music has played a crucial role in their healing process. Osborne and Ell's videos are already available to watch, with each singer reflecting on how they confront stress, anxiety, depression and more.

“Music saved my life, time and time again,” Osborne says in his Check-In, which Ell echoed in her Check-In: “I think music is so powerful and is such a beautiful healing thing for mental health.”

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Future episodes will feature Allen, Chase Bryant, Ray, Eldredge, Caitlyn Smith and more to come.

Many of the artists featured in The Check-In have previously been open with their fans about dealing with mental health struggles. In 2019, for example, Allen revealed that he'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teen. Eldredge has long been vocal about his experience with anxiety and panic attacks, Bryant has opened up in 2021 about surviving his suicide attempt and Osborne has spoken about his battles with depression and imposter syndrome.

“ACM Lifting Lives is proud to launch The Check-In, revealing a new side of the artists whose songs so often provide comfort to us during our times of need. The series allows artists to open up and show strength through their vulnerability and in the process acknowledge that they too are susceptible to the same mental and emotional challenges as fans all over the world,” said Lyndsay Cruz, Executive Director of ACM Lifting Lives. “We hope that through this series, we can work to normalize and de-stigmatize the conversation surrounding mental health, while continuing to highlight the uniquely important role music plays in healing.”

Preview videos of each episode will be posted across all Academy-branded social media channels, with full-length interviews at and Academy’s YouTube channel.