Kip Moore Concerned About Being ‘Phased Out’ For Loathing Social Media

11 July 2024 | 2:17 pm | Mary Varvaris

Moore feels like he’ll be “phased out” of music when artists have to post endless “content” instead of focusing on releasing good music.

Kip Moore

Kip Moore (Supplied)

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Kip Moore has taken to social media to explain why he doesn’t post online very often, admitting that he “loathes” the platforms.

It goes further than that, though, as Moore feels like he’ll be “phased out” of the country music scene when artists have to post endless “content” instead of focusing on releasing good music.

Remembering his excitement around hearing a new Tom Petty song when it landed on the radio, Moore said that the music industry “feels like mars” to him – not the act of actually creating music, but what comes with it.

At the end of his post, Moore promised that new music is coming soon. New music will arrive after the singer revealed that he’d gone independent following the end of his recording contract with MCA Nashville.

Sharing the candid post on Instagram (you can’t send a message to fans unless you’re on stage or posting on social media, right?), Moore wrote:

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I’m terrible with social media. I truly loathe it. When I’m immersed in something, my last thought is hey get this. I’ve always told whoever is there to grab pics or video, you better get the shot the 1st time around cause I can’t do it again.

I’ve always felt extremely uncomfortable “doing” something for the camera. I see how everything works now, and I’m aware I’ll get phased out among the new generation wanting “content” with unreleased songs and constant pandering to the camera with short tiktoks.

There was something so special about not knowing what Tom Petty was up to until the record came out and you heard Free Falling for the first time (yes young bucks that’s a Tom petty song, not John Mayer). I’ve never felt I fit in the scene & that feeling is down in my bones now.

I still love music & creating it as much or more than I ever have, but it all feels like mars to me now. Everything feels so disingenuous. I still enjoy earth and have no intention of going to mars. Y’all can have Mars. To the fans…I promise it’s coming. I love and appreciate you guys. Cheers

Kip Moore returns to Australia this September and October, headlining festivals such as the Deni Ute Muster and Savannah In The Round and performing in arenas across the country. He’s touring in support of his most recent album, Damn Love, released last April.