Kat & Alex 'Musically And Romantically' Split After Four Years

19 July 2023 | 3:46 pm | Mary Varvaris

Fortunately, the split doesn’t mean the end of their musical careers – Kat and Alex will instead embark on solo careers.

Kat & Alex

Kat & Alex (Source: Facebook)

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Nashville’s Kat And Alex shared a sad announcement on social media yesterday (18 July), revealing that the duo will split both romantically and musically.

“As we are writing this, our hearts are heavy to have to make this announcement,” the former couple wrote in a statement. “After 4 years of love and music, we have mutually decided to part ways both musically and romantically. We are so incredibly grateful for the time God has given us together with not only each other, but with y’all.”

While it’s an amicable split, it’s still hard on the former husband and wife musical duo, informing their fans that “Life isn’t a perfectly straight road”, and every day, the pair are learning how to navigate it. “We hold nothing but love for each other in our hearts and ask only for your support and understanding throughout this process,” the statement continued.

Fortunately, the split doesn’t mean the end of their musical careers – Kat and Alex will instead embark on solo careers as Kat Luna and Alex Georgia.

“We will still be pursuing our dreams individually,” they said, “It would mean the world to us to have your continued support on our individual journeys.”

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Before their breakup, Kat And Alex featured at this year’s CMA Fest in Nashville last month, unveiling the Grand Ole Opry’s new stage, and were added to Countrytown’s Best New Music wrap-ups.

In May 2021, Countrytown named the Kat & Alex single, Heartbreak Tour, our Song Of The Day. Blending classic country music with a Latin-inspired twist, the former husband and wife duo expanded country music’s boundaries with bilingual lyrics by presenting themselves as outliers.

Looking back now, it’s a bit heartbreaking what Alex said in a statement:

“The song represented what we believed life would be like if we hadn’t pushed through this difficult time and pursued music as a unit. It’s authentic because we know we couldn’t have done this alone. If Kat made it and I didn’t, she’d be touring around with a broken heart—and vice versa. We’re glad we stuck together.”

Before their paths crossed, Alex worked as a police officer for two years and logged time as a social media influencer for Harley Davidson Corporate in Milwaukee, WI. He then created art around Miami as “Space Cowboy.”

He also grew up with a love for music, learning guitar and piano as a child. Meanwhile, Kat competed in the 2018 season of La Voz, the Spanish-American version of The Voice.