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Heartbreak Tour by Kat & Alex – Song of the Day

6 May 2021 | 10:12 am | Mallory Arbour

Nashville-based, husband and wife duo, Kat & Alex sing country songs with a Latin twist. Their latest single, Heartbreak Tour is our Song of the Day!

For as much as Kat & Alex embody classic country stylings and values, the Nashville-based duo also rewrite the rules altogether with a Latin twist. The husband-and-wife pair, made up of Kat Luna and Alex Georgia, shake up country with full-bodied soulful delivery, inventive live instrumentation, and bilingual lyrics, introducing themselves as outliers with just the right amount of outlaw glee. At the top of 2021, they married, signed to Sony Music Nashville, and released their latest single, Heartbreak Tour - which is our Song of the Day!

Alex says, “It came out of a heated moment. We’d gotten into an argument, cooled off, went downstairs, and wrote the song. We were overwhelmed by worrying if music would work out. The song represented what we believed life would be like if we hadn’t pushed through this difficult time and pursued music as a unit. It’s authentic because we know we couldn’t have done this alone. If Kat made it and I didn’t it, she’d be touring around with a broken heart—and vice versa. We’re glad we stuck together.”

Before their paths crossed, Alex worked as a police officer for two years and logged time as a social media influencer for Harley Davidson Corporate in Milwaukee, WI, before he created art around Miami as “Space Cowboy.” He also grew up with a love for music, learning guitar and piano as a child. Meanwhile, Kat competed on the 2018 season of La Voz, the Spanish-American version of The Voice.

Kat & Alex made their national television debut on Season 18 of American Idol and recorded an EP. After amassing nearly 20 million streams independently, Kat & Alex made their official debut with the single How Many Times and its accompanying Spanish version. Right out of the gate, it gathered 7.9 million Spotify streams. As they continued writing music, Kat & Alex engaged fans on social media through a series of Spanish covers of English songs by the likes of Luke Combs, Dan + Shay, and Jason Isbell generating millions of views.

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