James Johnston Reveals Zac & George Collab, Invites Fans To Get Involved With Music Video

20 July 2023 | 3:38 pm | Mary Varvaris

James Johnston has written a song with Zac & George and plans to film a music video with the Sydney pair with the help of you, the fans.

James Johnston and Zac & George

James Johnston and Zac & George (Source: Supplied)

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After teasing a big announcement that would arrive yesterday and was rescheduled until today, James Johnston shared the big reveal.

Johnston has written a song with Zac & George and plans to film a music video with the Sydney pair with the help of you, the fans.

In a series of Instagram reels, Johnston revealed that about a month ago, he was in Nashville for a writing session and came home with a song written alongside Zac & George. You can check out the teaser below.

The new track is called Some Things Never Change – “I absolutely love it, and I want it to be my next single,” Johnston said in the reel, strolling through streets while holding a hot drink.

Here’s where the delay in the announcement came in: “I want Zac & George to feature on it, but I haven’t actually asked them that yet,” Johnston admitted.

“They were supposed to be flying from Los Angeles to Sydney last night, and I was gonna surprise them at the airport this morning. I was gonna ask them to be on the song with me, but not just that – I was gonna ask them to get to the studio today because I wanna put the song out next Friday [28 July].”

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But, as Johnston continued, things didn’t go to plan. After the duo missed their flight yesterday, Johnston tracked the replacement flight and monitored their social media.

After a quick Google search, Johnston discovered that Zac & George should arrive in Sydney around 8:30 am tomorrow.

“I still wanna meet them at the airport at 8:30, and I wanna ask them if they wanna be on this song with me,” he continued.

Johnston hopes that Zac & George, who have been flying for two days, are ready to jump into the studio. He plans to film the music video in his hometown of Wingham, New South Wales and needs your help.

“This is the part that you come in!” Johnston exclaimed. “I’ve got it all organised – it’s happening at the Australian Hotel – we’ve got the camera crew there waiting.

He concluded, “The guys have no idea what they’re about to walk into, and I want you guys to be a part of the video clip, and I’ll explain how you can be a part of it in part three.”

Stay tuned for part three of James Johnston’s reels to hear the end of the story via Instagram.