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How a 3am Radio Spin on Triple M Shot Hinterland to #1

17 March 2021 | 3:59 pm | Staff Writer

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It's strange waking up to your inbox brimming with messages you weren't expecting and an EP rocketing up the charts. But that's just what happened to Gold Coast band Hinterland this morning.

Unbeknownst to them, a fan called in to Triple M's national overnight program 'The Night Shift' with Luke Bona and requested their single 'Loud'.

Luke spun it on the air across the network's fifty-odd stations, but what happened next was a complete surprise. The internet lit up with comments on the song's YouTube, DMs on the band's Instagram and Facebook and shares across the country as people discovered the track and sent it to their friends.

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Already a top 20 Country radio hit, the song found its way to a brand new audience, rocketing the EP into speakers around Australia and by lunchtime was sitting pretty at #1 on the iTunes Country Chart. And just one day later the band overtook Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish to sit at #1 on the mainstream iTunes album chart.

"The whole thing has been a little surreal!" said Hinterland's Jesse Emmanuel. "Certainly didn't expect to wake up to this and it really does reaffirm that sometimes you just need a little luck on your side and someone willing to give a new artist a go. It's so heartening that a song that we're so proud of can find an audience that really appreciates it. And it certainly goes to show... never underestimate the power of radio and their audience no matter what time of the day it happens to be!"