Goodbye My Mullet: Col Finley Cuts His Signature Locks For Charity

24 May 2023 | 12:06 pm | Mallory Arbour

"I will miss our morning struggle with the brush and our visit for a shampoo and head massage."

Col Finley

Col Finley (Image: Supplied)

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Col Finley has cut off his signature mullet to help raise money for mental health awareness through the Black Dog Institute.

“IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE!!!” Finley captured on social media. “It's been such an incredible ride and I've enjoyed all the life moments we have shared all the tears, the laughs, bad days to great days.......... but there comes a time when I must make an adult decision (not too many I hope) and so it all must come to an end.” [sic]

“Even though it will hurt me!! It will make others happier. I will miss our morning struggle with the brush and our visit for a shampoo and head massage,” he continued. “Goodbye my friend, goodbye my partner in crime. GOODBYE MY MULLET........................................ Until next time hang free...”

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Photos from after the big chop are still to come.

Those wanting to donate to Black Dog Institute to “create some light for those who are in a dark place” can do so via Finley’s facebook post or through

According to their website, Black Dog Institute is the only medical research institute in Australia to investigate mental health across the lifespan. Their aim is to create a mentally healthier world for everyone, which guides their “2022-2026 strategy to deliver research with real world impact to treat, manage and prevent common mental health conditions and suicide in workplaces, schools, health settings and the wider community.”

Finley has devoted time to mental health awareness before with the release of his single Above The Blue in 2016 helping raise over $36,000 for Beyond Blue.

Finley, who has been at the forefront of Australia’s country music scene for over three decades, is currently on tour with his first single release since 2018. Co-written with fellow band member Billy Handley, Living Your Best Life is an exciting up-tempo track which offers a fresh lease on life.

The emotion and energy behind this song are evident. From the isolation, lack of contact with family and friends and the outside world during the pandemic, Finley explains that life is precious, and we should enjoy every minute and never take anything for granted.

Finley says, “Life is treating people hard, the uncertainty is overwhelming, we need to turn it around and the only person who can turn it around is YOU!!! Immediately we can do it by choosing the path we walk and our tone when we talk. Creating a better place for others will create a better space for YOU!!”

His forthcoming and seventh album is due for release in 2024. It follows his last album, The Collective: 25 Years, which was released in 2018. Finley also recently collaborated with Matt Scullion in 2022 on From The Ashes.


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