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Garth Brooks Accidently Causes Earthquake During Performance

5 May 2022 | 9:49 am | Staff Writer

The performance left fans literally shaking in their boots.

Over the weekend, Garth Brooks performed a concert to over 102,000 fans at LSU's Tiger Stadium on Saturday, which left fans literally shaking in their boots, with the performance causing a small earthquake. 

A professor at Louisiana State University recorded that a movement in the venue registered a small earthquake when he performed Callin' Baton Rouge.

The track doubles as the unofficial anthem of LSU which ignited fans' energy, so much so it was captured by the school's seismograph. 

As the song's opening strains of the fiddle began, the crowd sang and clapped their hands in synchrony, causing abrupt chaos.

The track was originally recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys in 1978, before it was popularised by Brooks, re-recording it for his 1993 record, In Pieces. 

The performance was so loud it set off smart device alerts due to sounds reaching above 95 decibels. More than 10 minutes of exposure to that level of noise causes significant temporary hearing loss. 

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WBRZ reported that people half a mile from the stadium could hear the performance, with one witness stating, “I can hear it, hear the crowd singing along.” There were no reports of houses or the ground moving in the stadium's outer areas. 

This isn't the first time the stadium has had an earthquake scare, with it previously occurring when LSU's football team beat Auburn University in 1988.