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Drew McAlister To Help Find Mulletfest Band in Dubbo, Plus Mulletfest Open Online Entries

6 July 2022 | 1:16 pm | Mallory Arbour

Entries are now open for the online entries as well as face-to-face heats in Dubbo, Dookie, and Murrurundi.

Drew McAlister

Drew McAlister (Image: Supplied)

Drew McAlister, from duo McAlister Kemp, and Phil Stack of Thirsty Merc will help crown the first ever official Mulletfest Band on August 20 at the Commercial Hotel in Dubbo, NSW.

With the help of Triple M in Dubbo, potential band members will need to take the main stage and perform a verse and chorus of a classic Australian song that screams Mulletfest to them.

In another Mulletfest first, Mulletfest is also running its first-ever online-only entry throughout July. This means it is open to mullets from all over Australia who haven't had the opportunity to get to a face-to-face heat. Mulletfest have also added a pet category just for the online entry, so if your dog or your pet sheep has the perfect mullet, now is your chance to show them off. 

A winner from each category will be chosen by a panel of Mulletfest judges and receive a wild card entry into the grand final which will be held in Kurri Kurri in December. Entries close at midnight on July 31 and will be announced at the Commercial Hotel in Dubbo on August 20. 

Like other heats, all entrant's photos will be added to Facebook and open for public vote for the People Choice Award. The winner will not only get a wild card entry to the Grand Final but also get a bonus prize of a pair of shoes from the Volley heritage range. Entries are now open for the online entries as well as face-to-face heats in Dubbo, Dookie, and Murrurundi. 

The term mullet was popularised by American hip-hop group The Beastie Boys, who used ‘mullet’ and ‘mullet head’ as epithets in their 1994 song, Mullet Head. They became popular in the height of the 80s, partially thanks to the popularity of Billy Ray CyrusAchy Breaky Heart. Basically, if you were alive in the 80s, you or someone you know probably rocked a mullet!

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The festival's creator, Laura Johnson has become the go expert on all things Mullet-related. The spark that kicked off Mulletfest in its inaugural year (2018), happened over a beer at the Chelmsford Hotel at Kurri Kurri. Looking for a way to have some clean family fun and create a tourism injection to a town that was struggling after losing a large generational employer.  

The event, which was planned as some fun for the locals, has turned into an international sensation. Attracting entrants from all over the country and stories running in media as outlets as far afield as Russia, The UK, North America, and Ireland, the event continued to grow. In 2020, Mulletfest had 247 entrants from all over Australia and 7 guys from the international category arrived in person to compete from Canada, the US, and Norway.  

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