Devin Dawson announces EP 'Pink Slip' following Aussie #1 placement

7 October 2020 | 5:09 pm | Staff Writer

Devin Dawson announces the release of his new EP 'Pink Slip' is due in January, following successful feature on HARDY's #1 single One Beer.

Devin Dawson has announced his new EP 'Pink Slip' will be released in January next year! 'Pink Slip' will be Dawson proudly and loudly walking his own path through country music. Exuding the edgy confidence he pioneered with 'Dark Horse'.

The exciting news comes off the back of his super successful feature spot on HARDY's #1 single One Beer. One Beer has sat at the top of the Australian Hot 50 country airplay charts for two weeks!

"I will always be a dark horse. But I have come a long way from the person I was. And I understand more of what it means to be an artist. There are definitely vibes on this EP that I wouldn’t peg for myself. But I like the unexpected nature of doing things that people don’t see coming. I try to reinvent the wheel every single day because I don’t think you ever really arrive, and you can never put your feet up. I want to be honest and vulnerable and take the next step, because I always want to be creating music that’s fresh and different from anything I’ve released before. I’m still in black and white, but the background is a little brighter.' Said Devin.

As a teaser for what's to come from 'Pink Slip', Dawson has shared his brand-new track Range Rover. It's an up-beat break up track that puts an optimistic spin on those relationships that aren't around for the right reasons.

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