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Country Music Stars Who Have Their Own Alcohols

14 July 2021 | 1:32 pm | Mallory Arbour

From beer to liquor to whiskey and wine, here is just some of the country music stars including Little Big Town and Travis Collins who have their own brew!

Little Big Town

Little Big Town (Little Big Town)

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Drinking songs are synonymous with country music. From Midland’s Drinkin’ Problem to Brad Paisley’s Alcohol to Morgan EvansDay Drunk to Lady A’s Bartender and Joe Nichol’s Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off, there are tonnes of alcohol-related songs to boot!

But it may come as a surprise to some that many country artists have stepped into the business of making their own brews. From beer to liquor to whiskey and wine, here is just some of the country music stars who have their own alcohols! Drink Responsibly.

Miranda Lambert

Lambert’s ‘Red 55 Wines’ come emblazoned with a pair of wings and pistols – and comes in a range of seven different wines all with fitting names like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sweet Wine, White Liar Chardonnay, Love Letters Sangiovese, and Kerosene Pinot Grigio. The brand also offers a range of branded stemless wine glasses, olive oils, balsamic vinegar oils, candles, and roasted coffees.

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Travis Collins

Collins released a limited edition, single barrel whiskey produced using all-Australian grown grains and aged for 2-and-a-half years in American White Oak barrels. Each bottle was numbered (out of 100), sealed in black wax and came with a limited-edition plectrum. The ‘Hometown Whiskey’, which was branded as ‘a truly unique collector’s item for both whiskey lovers and Travis fans alike’, sold out in five short hours via

Little Big Town

The Grammy-winning band has a line of canned spritzers called 'Day Drinking by Little Big Town', boasting flavours of watermelon rosé, rosé bubbles, southern peach, black cherry and pontoon punch. Named after their 2014 hit, ‘Day Drinking’ is produced in partnership with Precept Wine and has grown into the second-largest flavoured can wine brand, according to the company. In 2016, the band also partnered with Browne Family Vineyards in Washington state to create the brand 'Four Cellars'.

Zac Brown

Zac Brown, the frontman of the Zac Brown Band, partnered with Delicato Family Vineyards and Napa Valley winemaker John Killebrew to create Z. Alexander Brown wines. Creating bold “uncaged” wines rooted in the heart of California wine country, the different varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Proprietary Red Blend, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Thomas Rhett

Rhett introduced his ultra-premium tequila brand, ‘Dos Primos’ earlier this year. He spent years crafting the brand (which translates to “two cousins”) alongside his cousin, Jeff Worn. 'Dos Primos' is made from 100 percent blue agave from Los Altos and valley areas in Jalisco, Mexico. The flavour of 'Dos Primos' has “earthy herbal notes on the front palate, followed by smooth floral and citrus hints.” The company opened in 2019.

Darius Rucker

Rucker teamed with Castle & Key Distillery (formerly Old Taylor Distillery) and Master Distiller Marianne Barnes, to develop his signature bourbon known as 'Forbidden Bourbon'. He also partnered with 843 to develop his 84.3 proof liquor called 'Backstage Southern Whiskey'. Rucker came up with the idea for 'Backstage Southern Whiskey' through the long-standing ritual of raising a glass of whiskey and toasting with his band, friends, and crew before each performance.

Blake Shelton

Finished and bottled in Fort Smith, Arkansas and made with corn grown in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, Shelton is the name behind Smithworks ‘Hard Seltzer Lemonade’. With flavours that are inspired by his heartland roots, including classic lemon, ripe strawberry, southern peach tea, and crisp lime, all packed into 12-ounce, 100-calorie cans with five percent ABV. 

Brandi Carlile

Carlile founded XOBC Cellars with her wife, Catherine, their friends Amy and Jeri Andrews. With the help of winemaker Sean Boyd, the entrepreneurial, female-led team created and developed a brand that is steeped in generosity, community, and friendship, is an instrument by which the larger collective can contribute. Some of the wines are named after daughters Evangeline and Elijah, and wife Catherine, with a portion of all proceeds from XOBC Cellars going to support Carlile’s Looking out Foundation.

Parker McCollum

McCollum announced his new ‘To Be Loved By You’ range earlier this year via his social media pages. He teamed up with Christeni Vineyards to create his own Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Rose Wine, all available in a cask or bottle, and inspired by his single of the same name.

Kenny Chesney

‘Blue Chair Bay’ was inspired by the island lifestyle of brand-owner, Chesney, who worked with one of the world’s great master blenders, Mike Booth, to create the blends. The naturally premium rum, which boasts less than 99 tropical calories, comes in eight different flavours including banana cream, banana, pineapple cream, mango cream, key lime cream, white, spiced, coconut, vanilla, and coconut spiced cream.

The Prairie States

To go along with the release of their hit single Low Life, the Prairie States teamed up with Edmonton based Sea Change Brewing Co to create a custom branded beer called ‘Low Life Lager’. The brewery made 17,000 tall boys of the perfect summer sipper which included a Spotify QR code so the person enjoying the beverage could also “Scan The Can” to instantly hear Low Life

Florida Georgia Line & Jason Aldean

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard collaborated with Jason Aldean on ‘Wolf Moon Straight Bourbon Whiskey’. Before hitting shelves, the 80-proof bourbon is aged for four years in some of the finest new, charred American Oak barrels. 'Wolf Moon Bourbon' was born out of brotherhood and created for life’s special moments shared with those we love most. FGL also launched their own ‘Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey’ in 2016.

George Strait

Strait has two types of tequila for sale in Australia. The first, ‘Código 1530 Añejo’ is a private recipe refined over many generations by an artisan distilling family in Amatitán, aged for 18 months in the finest Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels. The limited-edition bottle celebrates the release of George's album, Honky Tonk Time Machine. His ‘Extra-Añejo’ is aged over six years and hand selected by Strait while on location filming the music video for his hit song Código. It is limited to 30 bottles via

Jake Owen

Owen’s ‘Beach Whiskey’ is a clear and smooth, naturally flavoured whiskey, available in two flavours: island coconut and bonfire cinnamon. Boasting mix-ability to create the perfect cocktail, the unique filtration process creates a distinctly smooth, round mouthfeel that gives ‘Beach Whiskey’ drinkability unlike other harsh whiskeys.

Luke Bryan

Bryan partnered with Constellation Brand to create ‘Two Lane American Golden Lager’, a low-calorie drink that allows those looking to kick back to enjoy a smooth beer that will go down easy. Brewed in Daleville, Virginia, the key ingredient in each can is water from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Bryan also has a range of ‘Two Lane Hard Seltzer’, that comes in four flavours – cherry limeade, peach tea, blueberry lemonade and watermelon punch.

Eric Church

Church worked with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery to create his own special limited-edition ‘Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey’, created to celebrate the long-time friendship between the brand and the country music superstar, who often purchased barrels of Jack Daniels for his crew and band. The brew was available in a 750ml size and at 94 proof, and hit shelves last year across the US.

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