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Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Hint At New Album

21 December 2022 | 12:13 pm | Emma Whines

"I suppose if we wait another 14 years, it could be a bit dicey for me, to be honest."

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Long-time music duo Robert Plant & Alison Krauss have hinted at a new album on the horizon in an interview with Billboard Music

In the interview, Plant dropped that a third album was more than a possibility. 

“I can’t see any reason why not,” said Plant, “I suppose if we wait another 14 years it could be a bit dicey for me, to be honest. I might find it a little bit difficult hitting a top C—but we can say it really works well, and we enjoy each other and that’s a great thing, so it seems like a great idea.”

Plant, previous Led Zeppelin frontman, and Krauss, mainstay country music star, joined forces in 2007 for their first album, Raising Sand and again in 2021 for their second album, Raise The Roof. Both were GRAMMY nominated with Raising Sand winning Album of the Year. 

“The idea of us being considered to be a country duet is fascinating,” Plant said. “The thing is, a nomination is a nomination—the very fact that it’s been recognized that we’ve had a good time is more than I could imagine. I didn’t get many Grammys, so to be nominated as a country duet is out of my normal radar. It’s great.”  

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In addition to talking about a new album, Plant explained the long gap between their first and second album, noting "other projects and life getting in the way" as the main culprits.

“So when we left Raising Sand and said a tearful farewell, we went on to do other projects. And if I’d finish something and I was really looking forward to doing something fresh, maybe Alison was in the middle of one of her projects, and that’s how it was,” Plant reveals. 

“It was no negotiation except for with the calendar and with time. I also had been on the road a lot with my friends, Sensational Spaceshifters, and this [project with Alison] was just promising to be—offering to be—a totally different experience, or a different feel. I really wanted to get back to it. I love it.”

Let's hope that their next next album, doesn't take quite as long.