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Brooke McClymont & Adam Eckersley Release New Single & Announce Second Album

21 April 2023 | 9:57 am | Mallory Arbour

'Up, Down & Sideways' drops on June 30

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Brooke McClymont & Adam Eckersley have revealed the exciting news their forthcoming second album, Up Down & Sideways is set to be released on Friday, June 30. To mark the occasion, the chart-topping, multi-award-winning Australian husband-and-wife duo, have unveiled their new single Lost If I Lost You and shared details of a one-of-a kind competition.

Initially intended for Adam Eckersley Band’s third album, Lost If I Lost You didn’t come to fruition as originally planned and ultimately found its true home recorded as a duet. It’s a heart-warming ode to the person you love, accepting every facet of you: the good the bad, the ugly.

Written during COVID, the song organically evolved into a tribute to the duo’s fans. As live performances came to a halt, it became abundantly clear how lost they would be without their fans of their recorded music and live shows.

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Up Down & Sideways is a celebration of the ups and downs of real life and real love. Produced by Robby De Sa, the album’s magic lies in the dynamic interplay between the couple’s distinct yet complementary musical tastes and relevance of their stories and song writing that’s resulted in award-winning successes and a special connection with live audiences and listeners across the country.

Brooke shares, “This is chalk and cheese from the first album, and I feel like we’ve got the best of both of us on there. We’ve met in the middle with our influences, put them in a blender and come up with this and we feel like this album stamps a moment in time."

“We want people to feel like we’re sitting there around their fire and sharing their problems and life with them. We want the songs to have a place in their lives.”

This idea ultimately became a reality, as the duo aimed to bring their fans closer to their music and to their fire during times of personal and global turmoil. Faced with months of no touring, the birth of a child and the loss of a loved one, they saw it even more important to connect with their audience and share relatable stories of hardship and joy – with a whole lot of fun thrown in.

They established Hang At The Wang, a special place on their property near Nabiac, NSW.  With over 8 tents now established on their property, the duo invite their fans to stay on their property to glamp in tents, sit around the fire and share their stories over a few beers while treated to an intimate, acoustic performances by the acclaimed duo.

To celebrate the album’s release, Brooke and Adam are giving fans have the chance to win a 24-hour glamping experience at Hang At The Wang by entering the one-of-a-kind competition when they pre-order their new album, Up, Down & Sideways. Details can be found via  

In addition to the new single, Up, Down & Sideways also includes previously released singles, Country Music, You & Beer, Memory Lane, Roll On Baby and the winner of the Golden Guitar APRA AMCOS Song of The Year, Star Of The Show.

Up, Down & Sideways Tracklisting:

  1. Country Music, You And Beer
  2. Roll On Baby
  3. What Are You Waiting For
  4. Memory Lane
  5. Don’t Give Up On Me Yet
  6. High On A Monday
  7. Wild Side
  8. Lost If I Lost You
  9. Rock Bottom
  10. Star Of The Show


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