Bailey Zimmerman Attacks The Haters On ‘New To Country’

27 June 2024 | 1:39 pm | Mary Varvaris

'New To Country' follows Zimmerman’s piano-led 'Holy Smokes', released in February, and the May single 'Hell Or High Water'.

Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman (Credit: AJ Astle)

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Bailey Zimmerman is set to release a new track this Friday (28 June), and it’s one with a message: he’s “anything but new” to country music.

In a sassy video promoting the single, entitled New To Country, he mimes to a snippet of the song by a pool, “Ain't a thing changed round here but the money/ You try to mix it up but let me tell you somethin’”: he ain’t new to the country music scene.

As well as encouraging fans to pre-save the song to their streaming libraries, Zimmerman also instructs listeners to “blow the speaker with this one”.

Earlier this month, Zimmerman teased New To Country with an assertive video, telling haters and doubters that he’s always been country, no matter how he dresses.

“Being country is about way more than wearing a cowboy hat on your head or wearing boots on your feet,” he said in a direct message to fans.

He continued, “I grew up country as hell, and I still ain't changed, so I wrote a song about it for everybody that makes fun of me and tells me I'm not country because I wear Air Force Ones. Kiss my ass, this song's called ‘New To Country’”.

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You can watch the videos below.

New To Country follows Zimmerman’s piano-led Holy Smokes, released in February, and the May single Hell Or High Water.

Holy Smokes came after his breakthrough 2023 album, Religiously. The Album.

On Hell Or High Water, he said, “Whatever is going on in y’all’s life, I just hope this song gives you a sense of peace and hope because it does get better! God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. And to those of y'all that are on the greener side of the battle, I hope this song makes you realise it was only high water. I really hope y’all love this song as much as I do.”

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