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VIDEO PREMIERE: Sari Abbott - 'Two Way Street'

7 September 2023 | 12:34 pm | Mary Varvaris

It’s easy to miss the same 'Two Way Street' Sari Abbott sings about, even if you’ve never lived in one.

Sari Abbott

Sari Abbott (Source: Supplied)

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Walking down a beautiful beach with two dogs in a picturesque location, Sunshine Coast singer Sari Abbott provides a warm, hopeful song about moving forward in Two Way Street.

Today, Countrytown exclusively premieres the music video ahead of its hitting streaming services tomorrow.

On Two Way Street, Abbott reflects on the simpler days in her neighbourhood when the “kids would play on that vacant block of land in the treehouse we built”, and where her parents “knew yours, so we were always meant to be”.

Now, thirteen hours from that street with all her things covering the back seat – “my guitar and a suitcase and some boxed up memories”, it’s easy to miss the same Two Way Street Abbott sings about, even if you’ve never lived in one.

She delivers the song with her warm vocal tone, an acoustic guitar and fiddle, and pure conviction. You can watch the music video below.

Two Way Street was co-written with the 2022 Toyota Star Maker winner, Max Jackson, while Abbott attended the CMAA Academy of Country Music in January.

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Abbott noted about the song, “The whole idea of Two Way Street is to acknowledge that sometimes you need to take the plunge and go it alone, especially when relationships come to an end. You’ve just gotta have the courage to do your own thing.”

Adding that she recently left the town she grew up in, Abbott said, “Two Way Street also holds memories about growing up with my neighbours who I’ve known forever and having fond memories of building treehouses on a spare block of land on our street.

“My song deals with the idea that it’s okay to be nervous about exploring new places and meeting new people, and when you leave some people behind in your life, you’re not cutting them out forever; you’re just going on a journey for a little while. I want to inspire people to do what they want in life while they’re young and don’t hold back.”

Abbott concluded, “I’m looking forward to hitting the open road and exploring my country while I’m young.”