VIDEO PREMIERE: Corey Legge - 'West Coast'

16 January 2024 | 1:04 pm | Mary Varvaris

'West Coast' is the second single from Legge’s forthcoming, unnamed fourth album.

Corey Legge

Corey Legge (Source: Supplied)

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Wollongong-based alt-country, blues and rock artist Corey Legge is premiering the music video for his new music video, West Coast, on Countrytown today.

In a bright and wholesome clip, Legge brings energy with his warm vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, and mandolin. He’s joined by bassist Matt Crawford, drummer Adrian RedHerbert, pedal steel player Dan Dugmore, and backing vocalist Melinda Jackson.

Singing “there’s something about the West Coast”, like the serenity and fun memories, Legge strums the acoustic guitar by the beach and in front of his car, driving along the coastline as the sun shines over the band performing.

Best of all, he brings the heat with a bluesy solo on the electric guitar. It’s hard not to get sucked in by Legge’s natural energy and the video’s summery vibes.

You can watch the music video for West Coast, premiering exclusively on Countrytown, below.

In a statement, Legge said about his latest music video, “The film clip for West Coast was filmed and edited by Jay Seeney from Blacklist Productions. This film clip was super fun to make and is one of my favourites I've released so far.”

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West Coast is the second single from Legge’s forthcoming, unnamed fourth album. While the album doesn’t have a release date attached to it yet, it’s one of Countrytown’s most anticipated albums of 2024.

The new song was recorded with producer Nash Chambers and co-produced by Syd Green, bringing a ‘summer on repeat’ atmosphere that takes us back to simpler times.

West Coast follows Legge’s recently released single Friday Nights, an upbeat, uplifting song you need to add to your campfire-ready playlists.

Legge also made headlines last year when he penned an open letter about why “the music industry is broken”.

Taking to Facebook, Legge revealed that for over 30,000 streams of his most popular songs on Spotify from 2019 to 2023 – Friday Nights with over 13,000 plays, Driving Out Of Eden with 5,600 streams, Cemetery Kids and Fireball with over 4,100 plays, and Love You & Leave You with almost 4,000 streams – he’s only received $154.54.

“This is why the music industry is broken,” he wrote. “This is why it is so important for people to buy CDs and merchandise directly from the artist; otherwise, we operate at a monumental financial loss.”

Legge continued to explain that recording, releasing and promoting albums to a professional standard can cost an artist “well over” $30,000 AUD – an unattainable amount of money. He added, “Not many people openly talk about this stuff, but I feel like the general public needs to know about the terrible state that the music industry is in.”