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This Album Changed My Life: Tyler Joe Miller on Brad Paisley’s Time Well Wasted

2 December 2021 | 12:08 pm | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Surrey, British Columbia born country artist, Tyler Joe Miller and asked him to tell us about an album that changed his life.

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Tyler Joe Miller is a carpenter and painted by trade, who has built his business and career owning a non-profit organisation called The Climb Outreach Society, where communities in Central and South America are provided house, emergency food funds and healthcare for newborn babies, drinking water sources and more.

Last year, the Surrey, British Columbia born artist released his debut six-track EP, Sometimes I Don’t, But Sometimes I Do, featuring the tracks Fighting and Sometimes I Do. His first singles, Pillow Talkin’ and I Wouldn’t Be Over Me Too reached #1 on Canadian county radio, making Tyler Joe the very first independent Canadian country music artist to have their first two singles achieve this prestigious goal. Pillow Talkin’ also became his first Gold-certified single.

The EP was nominated for ‘Album Of The Year’ at the 2021 CCMA Awards, with Tyler Joe also scoring nominations for ‘Rising Star’, ‘Male Artist Of The Year and ‘Fans’ Choice Award’. Last month, Tyler Joe was named the winner of the SiriusXM ‘Top of the Country’ competition, taking home a cash prize of $25,000.

We caught up with Tyler Joe and asked him to tell us about an album that changed his life.

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Tyler Joe Miller on Brad Paisley’s Time Well Wasted

Choosing the album that changed my life is hard to do! I want to say that Mud On The Tires by Brad Paisley was it because it was the first album I ever bought, and it really got me into country music, but I might have to owe it to Time Well Wasted by Brad Paisley instead. It might be because it was released a couple years after, and I may have matured a bit more into being able to appreciate it more.

That whole album, like most of Paisley’s, brought me through an emotional roller coaster of laughs and cries and that’s what he does best. I remember listening to that album over and over again on my CD player, driving around up country, at my cabin, and every song seems to remind me of a different memory or road which means a lot to me.

This record holds some funny and raise em’ up songs like Alcohol and all the way to the somber When I Get Where I’m Goin’ featuring Dolly Parton, which shows the dynamics of the record. But this album holds my favourite song in the whole world – Rainin’ You. There’s something about this song that pulls me in lyrically and musically, and I could listen to it when I’m sad or happy.

I think this album came into my hands when I was ready to be influenced by music and it really helped form my interest in songwriting and the emotional dynamics of music and all that goes into telling a story through a song. I can’t say one album changed my life because I think many did, but I know two of the most influential ones were my first two that I think helped shape me into the songwriter and artist I am today. Thanks Mr. Paisley.

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