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Summertime, Sunshine and You by Jade Holland – Premiere

17 February 2022 | 3:24 pm | Mallory Arbour

Jade Holland’s ‘Summertime, Sunshine and You’ is the catchy feel-good song of 2022 that'll keep you longing for the beach all year round.

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Regional Queensland-based singer-songwriter, Jade Holland makes a return to her country pop roots with her catchy, feel-good new single, Summertime, Sunshine and You. We’re elated to be able to bring you not only your first listen but the accompanying music video in this exclusive premiere!

Co-written by Jade with David Mescon and Bruce Wallace in Nashville in April 2020, it was recorded in Australia and Nashville and produced by David “Messy” Mescon at Messy Room Studios in Nashville and Athenian producer, George Ahas Lignos, in Parafonik Studios in Brisbane.

Jade says, “Living in Queensland, the climate and lifestyle are just so unique and beautiful, it’s like falling in love every day. After so many songs about heart break, I wanted to feel the sweetness of love in a song that puts me right back into summer mode regardless of what time of year it is.”

With her next album due for release in November 2022, Summertime, Sunshine and You builds the bridge for Jade’s catalogue of songs from heartbreak right through to love and marks the beginning of a new chapter in her journey in music.

She adds, “Being unable to travel and tour has led me to a deeper understanding of myself as an artist. The stories that I share about love and life in a small Aussie country town reflect a sentiment that so many people relate to.”

Jade has been consistently sharing her story with audiences across the globe over the past four years with singles like the multi-million streaming, Drive Thru, International Award winning That’s The Wine, the 2019 charting Townsville flood appeal charity song Lives on the Lawn and 2020’s breakout hit, Do It Right. She released her second album Dream Wild in 2019 to critical acclaim, and has racked up more than two million streams on Spotify to date.

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Summertime, Sunshine and You follows her charitable single Fight For It, of which all proceeds go to the Mental Awareness Foundation, of which Jade is an ambassador. The track, which debuted at no. 3 on the iTunes Country Songs Chart on release day, shines light on mental health and encourages people to keep fighting.


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