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Run by Storm & Stone – Premiere

16 March 2022 | 9:56 am | Mallory Arbour

'Run' is a tale of romance gone wrong with its inspirations drawn from one of the oldest traditions in popular music.

Storm & Stone

Storm & Stone (Image: Supplied)

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We are delighted to bring you Run, the new single and accompanying music video by Blue Mountains-based trio Storm & Stone – made up of sisters August and Auriel and their brother Hallelujah. Storm & Stone are a rare combination of great storytelling and great musicianship able to multi cross genres.

Produced by Matt ‘Xiro’ Fioravanti, Run was recorded in A# Recording Studio’s and Kiln Studios in Sydney. The bouncy feel of the track carries with it an undercurrent of something-sinister-lurking-beneath. It is a tale of romance gone wrong with its inspirations drawn from one of the oldest traditions in popular music. It’s our Song of the Day!

August says, “Auriel had started showing me murder ballads, and some of Dolly Parton’s darker stories. When we were writing and working on it, I really wanted us to have the energy of a train leaving a station. A build-up of excitement and movement forward as the song came to its climax to bring the story even more to life.”

The single is the first song sisters Auriel and August wrote together.

Auriel adds, “I think for me, when we were writing this song with August, I really wanted to express how it felt to be on the other side of a love song, in the desperate dark place the song talks to. I also wanted something with a beat that had a lot of movement, to sort of follow the emotional movement the song talks about.”

Directed and produced by Thomas Crnkovic of Cranky Dog Productions, the music video was shot in Heartly Vale Cemetery in the Blue Mountains, which delivered the moody tension and drama of the song. It explores themes of love spurned and the supernatural, spurred on by August’s anger and grief of a relationship on the cusp of ruin.

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Crnkovic explains, “The story is one of a woman experiencing her partner being drawn to another woman, but what ensues after that is left somewhat up in the air. What happened? What is going to happen? That ambiguity was enthralling. Are we listening to someone’s internal torment from trying to keep a grip on a relationship that’s slipping away? Are we witnesses to the aftermath of a crime of passion? Both? I wanted to make a video that honours those stakes and that ambiguity. Maybe spirits can hear our darkest thoughts, maybe nothing can. Either way: Run.”

Raised on Dolly Parton and Led Zeppelin, music was always a part of the family life. August was a natural performer, entering talent competitions, playing guitar and writing songs from a young age. She went on to pursue solo projects and released her own EP before forming Storm & Stone. Auriel started her journey through primary school choirs from a young age and later began song writing. Hallelujah picked up the guitar at 13 and played in multiple bands before joining Storm & Stone.

They self-funded their debut album while working and completing university. While recording the album they met the founders of Glasshouse Productions, who asked the trio to pitch a song for their debut feature film’s opening film credits. A number of their tracks were placed into the 2021 film's soundtrack – Love You Like That starring Mitchell Hope, John Jarratt and Steph Tisdell.

Storm & Stone released their debut single last year. Bad has already garnered over 50k streams on Spotify and a new following growing internationally.


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