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Rider Essentials: Mason Hope

16 September 2021 | 10:12 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter, Mason Hope to find out the things he always takes on the road with him for this week’s Rider Essentials.

Mason Hope writes with an authenticity and maturity that crosses generations and mellifluously blends country with mainstream. Described as “a major talent with a huge future ahead of him” by Shane Nicholson, Mason is not only a talented singer and writer, but can also swap between drums, guitar, keyboards, bass and looping with ease.

The Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter has been widely acknowledged, winning the Gympie Music Muster Talent Search and representing Australia at the Trans-Tasman Entertainer of the Year awards, bringing home the winning trophy. He has supported artists like Russell Morris, Travis Collins, Christie Lamb, Simply Bushed and Christina Anu, and played on multiple stages at festivals including Bluesfest, Gympie Music Muster, Caloundra and Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Following an appearance on The Voice in 2018 and the release of his EP, Running Falling Floating in 2019, Mason’s latest single, Middle Class Man is off his forthcoming EP, Loveless Hotel. The track was inspired by an evening spent with friends who were questioning if they could ever reach their goals.

We caught up with Mason to find out the things he always takes on the road with him for this week’s Rider Essentials.

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1. My guitar

Always. Even on short trips. I can be inspired to sometimes write a song when I notice something on a sign or scenery. I wrote my latest single in the back of my car by a river. My guitar is part of me and it's been played by the guitarist who played with Prince … also the red wiggle himself, Murray Wiggle, signed it. 

2. My basketball

I love to shoot hoops and I play at the local basketball social club every week and usually practise a few times a week. So, when I’m on the road, I like to look around for a court. I can usually google a court close by and I will practise my shots, and get a bit of exercise.

3. A well curated playlist

A well curated playlist is essential and, on the road it’s part of the experience, singing along as you are driving to a gig or a festival. A good playlist can set you right up for a great time on the road. It’s great to listen to new music and get to know new artists, and, also, hear all your favourites.

4. My pillow

What can I say? I need a good pillow. It can make a big difference between being comfy and a great sleep or waking up the next morning having to turn your whole body to look around because you’ve got a stiff neck. Plus, it’s a little bit of home comfort that you take along for the ride. 

5. Gaffer tape

Because gaffer tape fixes everything. Lint on your clothes; no problem gaffer tape will fix it. Secure those cables; gaffer tape it. Break your guitar case or suitcase; gaffer tape it. Your shoe broke; gaffer tape it. I once had a cut on my finger and no bandage, so I applied tissue and gaffer taped it.

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