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Rider Essentials: Hussy Hicks

7 February 2023 | 11:23 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Hussy Hicks to find out the things they always take on the road with them for this week’s Rider Essentials.

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One of Australia’s best live blues ‘n’ roots bands, Hussy Hicks are a tour de force featuring powerhouse vocalist, Leesa Gentz and award-winning guitarist, Julz Parker. Prolific and accomplished musicians, the duo have honed their sonic dexterity over the past 13 years with six studio albums, multiple industry awards and more than 1,000 live shows under their belts, from Australia’s biggest blues, roots and folk festivals to 15 international tours.

Their latest singles – Same Boat and Capitulation – are from their forthcoming EP. The latter is a commentary on society's trend away from individualism and people's ongoing search for conformity, preaching from the same hymn sheet and being led like lambs down the social echo chamber at the expense of debate.

Hussy Hicks is just one act from the impressive line-up of artists soon to take the stage at the Melbourne Guitar Show at Caulfield Racecourse. The show dedicated to celebrating the world’s most popular instrument and will once again feature Australia’s largest pop-up guitar shop, an axe-ellent line-up of guitarists from around the world and more.

We caught up with Julz Parker to find out the things Hussy Hicks always takes on the road with them for this week’s Rider Essentials.


1. Swiss Army Knife 

Open Wine, cut fingernails or annoying things in packets - prepare park picnic cheese platters - toothpick - tweezers. I cannot even count how many times this little item has got us out of trouble. Hot Tip - remember to place it in your checked luggage or you will invariably lose it to airport security.

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2. Water bottle with filter 

It’s so important to drink water all the time on tour - dehydration can really knock you around when you’re on a tight schedule. A good filter bottle means we can drink water all over the world without worrying about picking up any bugs and it stops us drinking water out of single use packaging. In our lifestyle it literally means the difference of about 2000 small plastic water bottles a year.

3. Thin Merino wool jumper

It never leaves my bag - it doesn’t matter if you are in Alabama or the middle east it may be 40 degrees outside, but you can end up in freezing air conditioning at the drop of a hat. Having a super light item that is that warm has saved us in both the middle of summer and the middle of winter.

4. Decent sized cotton scarf

Can double as a towel for a quick swim or be a change room while you slip into your swimmers. Ever caught in a scout hall style band accommodation that has everyone in one room? - Easy, claim a bottom bunk, tuck scarf under top mattress, let it hang down for ‘own room privacy’. Put it over your head while on the plane to avoid the super dry air giving you a sore throat - also great for hiding ugly plane sleeping faces.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

I’ve only recently acquired a pair but there is no turning back. Not having the rumble of the aeroplane engines and the sound of crying babies at full volume for the long-haul flights really helps keep the stupid amounts of agitation in check. Diving into an album to help get to sleep then just leaving them on to take the edge off the plane noise while you sleep really helps your chances of not arriving at your destination a shaken mess of a half human.

6. Kindle/ E Reader

I’m a huge fan of paper books and I always try and buy hard copies of new release books (especially from independent writers) but when every milligram of baggage counts, the kindle comes into its own. The music industry is famous for the ‘hurry up and wait’ approach so having a book on hand at all times means all that waiting can be turned into an enjoyable and productive time.

Other notable items: 

  • Notebook and decent pen
  • Puffy - not the pretties of items but great warmth to weight ratio
  • Set of small travel cups - the amount of time we have managed a great picnic by a river or in a park by having travel cups is amazing.


Keep up to date with Hussy Hicks on their Facebook page here.