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Rider Essentials: Aimee Hannan

27 May 2021 | 12:03 pm | Mallory Arbour

To get to know Aimee Hannan a little better, we’ve asked her to tell us five things she always takes on the road for this week’s Rider Essentials.

Sydney-based, singer-songwriter, Aimee Hannan is a powerful and vibrant performer who connects with her audience on all levels. With over 17 years of professional experience throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Internationally, one of her career highlights was being an Australian representative in the World star Quest in Beijing China in 2010 and securing a place in Delta Goodrem’s Top 12 on the 2018 season of The Voice.

With the help of songwriters Wayne and Rob Hurry and her producer Bobby Kidd, What The Hell You Waitin’ For is her current single released from Aimee’s debut album, Stronger, recorded at Hillbilly Hut Studios with Simon Johnson. The Junior and Senior CMAA Academy of Country Music graduate, also opened for Lee Kernaghan on his Hat Town tour in Queensland.

To get to know Aimee a little better, we’ve asked her to tell us five things she always takes on the road for this week’s Rider Essentials.

1. Hope

Something many of us can’t live without - our guitar! My Cole Clark, I’ve called Hope. We’ve enjoyed many road trips and campfire sing-a-longs together. One of my most cherished memories is when I took my guitar to spend Christmas with my Uncle. One of his last wishes was a jam session together making sure we didn’t miss his favourite song Traveling Solider.

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2. Purple Notebook

When out on the road, you never know when inspiration will hit you, so I have to have my trusty purple notebook with me to keep track on all my adventures. It’s always fun reading back through the stories at the end of a trip and the possibility of a new song coming forward.

3. A Fluffy Pillow

Always an essential. Not only reminds me of home, but also of my three fluffy Pomeranians - Conan, Brooke and Toby who are always by the door waiting for me to come home. The only difference is, I don’t have to fight them for the pillow when out on the road, but I do miss them singing along with me.

4. Disney Story Collection

For my 3rd birthday, my mum bought me a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll, who was taller than me, and a Mickey Mouse cake too! Which sparked my love of all things Disney. Sometimes it’s good to sit back and read a story or watch a movie and escape into a fantasy world for a little while - Hakuna Matata!

5. Way too Many Clothes

I change my mind to many times. I pick an outfit then change my mind a few times after that so it’s easier to take a few options so I can mix and match throughout the trip. When stepping out on stage, it’s important to look and feel good and it never hurts to add a bit of sparkle!

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