New Music Wrap Up: Travis Collins, The Buckleys, Claudia Tripp & More!

24 October 2022 | 12:30 pm | Mallory Arbour

Here’s a wrap up of all the new releases in the country world!

Travis Collins

Travis Collins (Image: Supplied)

More Travis Collins More Travis Collins

As well as the featured new releases from Hinterland, Florida Georgia Line, Billie Rose and Taylor Swift, there’s a handful of artists we’re still keen to share! From Travis Collins to The Buckleys, Thomas Rhett and Katy Petty, Claudia Tripp to Morgan Evans, and many more, here’s a wrap up of all the new releases in the country world!


Travis Collins – Just The Way

The Buckleys – Take It As It Comes

Cash Crawford – Mistakes

Thomas Rhett & Katy Petty – Where We Started

Claudia Tripp – I Only Miss You When I’m Drunk

Tyler Hubbard – I’m The Only One

Morgan Evans – Over For You

Adam Brand – Little Less Lonely

Huntergirl – Hometown Out Of Me

Noah Thompson – Make You Rich  

Davisson Brothers Band – Mountain High

Ashley McBryde, Caylee Hammack, & Pillbox Patti – Brenda Put Your Bra On

Jesse James Decker & Billy Currington – I Still Love You

Bryan Lanning – Good For You

Ben Ransom – Hold Me Tonight

Jamie Lindsay – Open Road

Alyssa Marie Coon – A Little Bit In Love

Nardia Drayton – You’re Not There

Drew Wilson – Start Of Something

Jax Tonic – On The Front Foot

Georgie Neilsen – Eyes Wide Open  

Joey Green – This House Ain’t Big Enough

Alan Fletcher – Hey You

Josie Laver – Honeymoon

Corey Kent – How You Know You Made It

Elle King – Try Jesus

Logan Michael - Old Friend

Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band -  Brand New Man

Greylan James - Old Truck Young Love

Johnny Dailey - Got Married

Adam Mac - New Vibration

Track45 – Family

Sasha McVeigh – Victor

Ernest Aines – Rigged Games

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Melissa Carper – Hit or Miss


Sami Cooke – Our Own Love Song

Alex Williams – Old Before My Time

Gemma Kirby – Roger  

Derek James – California Rays

Brittany Elise – Just Be

The Kindly Ravens – Cemetery of Brokens Hearts

Adam Doleac – Barstool Whiskey Wonderland

Kat & Alex – Labo B

Tom Curtain – Nothin's Gonna Stop Us