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New Music Wrap Up: Jade Holland, Lainey Wilson, Sammy White & More!

28 November 2022 | 11:57 am | Mallory Arbour

Here’s a wrap up of all the new releases in the country world!

Jade Holland

Jade Holland (Image: Supplied)

More Jade Holland More Jade Holland

As well as the featured new releases from Kaylee Bell, The Wolfe Brothers and Shania Twain, there’s a handful of artists we’re still keen to share! From Jade Holland to Lainey Wilson, Sam Hunt to Josh Setterfield, Sammy White to Morgan Wallen, and more, here’s a wrap up of all the new releases in the country world!


Jade Holland – Oh My Heart

Lainey Wilson – Smell Like Smoke

Morgan Wallen – Thought You Should Know

Drew Baldridge & Lathan Warlick – She’s Somebody’s Daughter  

Sammy White – You Sound Like Me

Taylor Austin Dye – Damage Control

Josh Setterfield – Nothing Like Me

Gareth Leach & Davidson Brothers – Big Ole Feelings

Piper Rodrigues – Ain’t That Kinda Girl

Granger Smith – In This House

Mike Talisman – Due Time

Sam Hunt – Start Nowhere

Cletis Carr – Hard Working People

Scarlet’s Way – Doin’ It For Love

Anna Weatherup – The River

Ross Webb – Slipping Away

Scott McCreery – Falling For A Stranger

Mitch Grainger – Honey Bee

Jeremy Peyton – This One’s Gonna Hurt

Brewn – Hard To Breathe

Crank Williams & Patsy Decline – Until We Darken Your Doorstep

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Joyce Prescher – Out Of My Mind

And for those wanting something more festive!

Runaway June – Cowboy For Christmas  

Caitlin Quisenberry – I Used To Be Your Christmas

Halle Kearns – O Holy Night

Twinnie – Elf Yourself

Ryan Griffin & Jay DeMarcus – Little Saint Nick

Jason Owen – It’s Christmas Time