New Music Wrap Up: Casey Barnes, Courtney Keil, Hinterland & More!

4 July 2022 | 12:09 pm | Mallory Arbour

Here’s a wrap up of all the new releases in the country world!

Casey Barnes

Casey Barnes (Image: Supplied)

More Casey Barnes More Casey Barnes

As well as the featured new releases from Kiara Rodrigues, Melody Moko and Kacey Musgraves, there’s a handful of artists we’re still keen to share! From Casey Barnes to Courtney Keil, Ella & Sienna to Luke Bryan, Jetty Road to Hinterland and many more, here’s a wrap up of all the new releases in the country world!


Casey Barnes – Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Casey Barnes Kiss Me Like You Mean It, from his latest album Light It Up, is a slice of country-pop, with an earworm hook, powered by a funk infused horn.

Courtney Keil – Hard Place

Written by Courtney Keil, with Nashville based hit-makers Sam Gay and Templeton Thompson, the new rock-solid single, Hard Place, borrows its title from the latter half of the popular idiom.

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Ella & Sienna – Saved

Following their The Voice Australia appearance, Ella & Sienna share their latest single, Saved. The song’s vulnerable words balance perfectly atop an upbeat, reverb-clad musical bed.

Jetty Road – Soundtrack To Your Life

Soundtrack to Your Life is the latest single from trio, Jetty Road. Written by Lee Bowman, Paula Bowman and Phil Barton, the song is about how music plays a pivotal role throughout our lives.

Hinterland – Stay In Your Own Lane

Hinterland’s Jesse Emmanuel (who also wrote the song) says, “Stay In Your Lane is about focusing on your own journey instead of comparing yourself to others.”

Ashleigh Dallas – The Moon

The Moon shines a light on Ashleigh Dallas’ family life, and is the final piece of the puzzle for her upcoming album, debuting as the top Australian iTunes Country Song.

Grace Leer – After 1

Grace Leer’s After 1 is a moody, mid-tempo song with Carrie Underwood influences writ large across it and the type of chorus that lodges itself into your head and just won’t let go.

Maddie Larkin – Sad Girls Don’t Cry

"Sad Girls Don't Cry calls back to a time in my life when I was going through a breakup," Maddie Larkin says. The pop-country break up anthem the singer describes as a "tear-twerker."

Pat Kenny – East Of Eden

Pat Kenny shared via social media, “This song is partly inspired by John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden. Steinbeck is my absolute favourite author and this book floored me when I read it.”

Hunter Kaine – Mind Of Its Own

Hunter Kaine’s Mind of its Own oozes country pop vibes, with hook-laden vocals wrapped around a beat that transports you smack bang into the middle of an arena stage mosh pit.

Ryan Hurd – Pass It On

Ryan Hurd has dropped his new single, Pass It On, from his latest album, Pelago. The music video, set in a roller-skating rink, co-stars his wife and fellow country music artist, Maren Morris.

Lady A – Summer State Of Mind

Written by Lady A’s Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott, Sam Ellis and Laura Veltz, the carefree jam is a tribute to the romantic equivalent of a rope swing on a riverbank.

Dustin Lynch – Fish In The Sea

Dustin Lynch celebrates summer in his new song, Fish in the Sea. The feel-good track is all about having a good time and “bringing party mode to the beach,” as Lynch shares on social media.

Luke Bryan – Country On

Luke Bryan’s Country On is a musical tribute to farmers, big rig truckers, cowboys, firefighters, and soldiers. The lyrics blend patriotism, blue-collar grit, and gratefulness.

Little Big Town – All Summer

Written by Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild with Sarah Buxton, Madi Diaz, Ashley Ray, Savana Santos and Alyssa Vanderheym, All Summer is a sultry, ’80s-styled groove.

Kylie Morgan – If He Wanted To

Written by Kylie Morgan with Zandi Holup and Ben Johnson, If He Wanted To is off her newly released EP, P.S. The project features Independent With You and Love Like We’re Drunk.

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