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My Countrytown: Chris Rose – Port Macquarie, NSW

21 September 2021 | 10:28 am | Mallory Arbour

To get to know country-pop singer-songwriter, Chris Rose a little better, we’ve asked what him loves about his hometown of Port Macquarie, NSW.

Port Macquarie-based, country-pop singer-songwriter, Chris Rose has always been blessed with ample helpings of the perfect combination of beach and bush to inspire his musical output. His latest emotionally charged single, Made For Love You is centred around Chris’ devotion and commitment to Ruby, his childhood sweetheart now wife.

With a sound sitting somewhere between Lady A and classic Keith Urban, Made For Loving You takes listeners on an adorning journey through a landscape of intimate vocals, classic drums, soaring pedal steel, and electric guitar melodies. Chris’s signature vocal tone and his vulnerable yet controlled delivery are the key component to his sound. Made For Loving You poetically embraces being effortlessly in the moment with the one you love.

To get to know Chris a little better, we’ve asked what him loves about his hometown of Port Macquarie, NSW.

The Lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach

The Lighthouse Beach headland is a special place to me, overlooking the beach where I grew up surfing and having bonfire parties on the sand with my friends in my teens. It’s a great spot to watch the sunset and the whales go by through the winter. I often sit down there with a note pad and write some lyrics, or watch the ocean from my car when it’s raining and listen to music.

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Surf breaks

Port Macquarie has some amazing surf breaks. Waves that suit every swell and wind direction. From Towns Beach at ‘Chickens Rock’ where you can catch a long right hander, to Lighthouse Beach (my local) at one of the many spots nicknamed ‘Clubbys’ ‘Scatters’ ‘Coves’ or ‘Watonga’. I grew up drop knee body boarding and surfing these breaks and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

A place where the coast meets the country

Just a stone’s throw from the beach are some amazing hinterland and mountain locations. I love taking long drives out into the country at places like Comboyne, Ellenborough, and up to my best mate’s farm at Yessabah North/West of Kempsey. Nothing better than sitting by a fire with mates, cooking a barbecue, camping and swimming in fresh watering holes.

Cafes and live music

There’s a great live music scene in Port and its surrounds. I’ve been lucky enough to have loads of opportunities to hone my craft and perform with my band regularly (pre-covid). Shout out to some of my favourite venues I perform at like Finnian’s Irish Tavern, The Sea Breeze Beach Hotel South West Rocks and The Garden Bar in Frederickton.

Coastal walks

There are some incredible coastal walks in Port Macquarie, and I like to get out for a long walk pretty much every day. You can actually walk all the way from Lighthouse Beach into town (about 10 kilometres away) via the beaches and bushwalks in between. My favourite walk is along Miners Beach to Shelley’s Beach, which is renowned for wildlife such as goannas and bush turkeys.

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