Missing Piece By Kylie Jane – Video Premiere

12 October 2022 | 10:20 am | Mallory Arbour

'Missing Piece' is out now!

Kylie Jane

Kylie Jane (Image: Supplied)

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Kylie Jane has released her debut country single, Missing Piece.

Missing Piece is a deeply personal song, recalling a beautiful memory of a love lost. Produced by the multi-talented, Jake Davey, it blends poetic insight and artistic integrity, connecting for its vulnerability, its instant melodic appeal, and the strength of Kylie’s performance.

Self-penned by Kylie, Missing Piece delivers a personal story relating to the sudden loss of a beloved animal, the wonderful ‘Dolly’, and in the same instance extends a warm embrace of understanding and connection; to all who’ve suffered the inevitable ache and uncertainty of loss.

Kylie says, “Saying goodbye or letting go when life is cruelly cut short can be, perhaps, the most difficult thing any of us will go through. Whether that loss is a person or an animal, the pain cuts deep regardless, and the impact can last a lifetime.”

The accompanying music video, which was shot and produced by Jake Davey Studio, premieres today exclusively on Countrytown. Watch the video below!

Boasting extensive experience at functions and venues far and wide, Kylie’s professionalism is second to none; matched only by her unquestionable talent and passion for the stage. Taking on aspects of pop, country, soul and blues, Kylie’s lifelong connection to music is undeniable. 

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The singer spent her childhood weekends traveling and competing at various horse shows across New South Wales – the touring musician’s lifestyle taking hold from the outset. Both her breadth of influence and unwavering confidence can be traced back to these uniquely impactful early ventures.

At twelve years of age, on relocating to Dubbo, NSW, her journey as a songwriter began. In the coming years, further travel and education would instil crucial lessons on how to flourish in the modern world as a full-time working musician.

In 2016, Kylie’s appearance on the globally renowned TV Show The Voice underlined her defiant strength in silencing an audience and making any song her own. Her debut album Black Swan was released the following year, and Kylie was soon blessed with performing the Australian National Anthem at Newcastle’s first year of hosting ‘The Coats Hire 500 Supercar’s Championship’.

Wholly devoted to the art-form, Kylie resides in Newcastle today, and divides her time between the studio and the stage. Whilst freedom of creativity sees her catalogue of music expand and evolve, her faultlessly soulful tone and openly expressive writing maintains an edge of identity and warmth across the board.


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