‘Meet In The Middle’ by Sammi Palinkas – Video Premiere

28 June 2023 | 9:40 am | Mallory Arbour

‘Meet In The Middle’ is out now!

Sammi Palinkas

Sammi Palinkas (Image: Supplied)

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Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sammi Palinkas is ready to take the Australian country music scene by storm. 

Her latest single, Meet In The Middle, was co-written by Sally Barris and award-winning producer Rod McCormack. The song is a modern take on the classic love story of opposites attracting and the importance of compromise in relationships.

“Rod, Sally and I had so much fun writing this song. Trying to capture how the natural give and take that happens in relationships makes the most unlikely scenarios work,” Sammi says. “Meet In The Middle is such a common phrase when you’re trying to compromise or negotiate with someone, and in relationships I think there’s an enormous amount of joy and growth that comes in accepting and celebrating those differences in one another, and discovering those things in common that you meet in the middle on.”

She adds, “Shania Twain is a big inspiration of mine, and she was a stylistic influence when writing this song – everything from her contemporary take on country, relatability and even how fashion – forward she is (‘You can wear your boots, I’ll keep wearing Gucci’). I really hope it is a song that resonates with others because they feel the same way.”

The accompanying music video, which premieres today exclusively on Countrytown, was filmed by multi-Golden Guitar winner, Duncan Toombs from The Filmery.

Watch the video below or via the link here.

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Sammi’s journey in the music industry commenced at the tender age of eight. At 11, she won a national televised singing competition in the Melbourne season of Annie. Since then, she has collaborated with renowned songwriters and producers in the US, including Andrew Bolooki, Fiona Kernaghan, and Templeton Thompson.

Her musical influences are evident in her dynamic vocal range and powerful stage presence, drawing inspiration from Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Carly Pearce, LeAnn Rimes, and Carrie Underwood.

Meet In The Middle follows her 2022 EP, Me, Myself & I.

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