Josh Setterfield Goes Track-By-Track Behind New EP 'Rise'

28 November 2023 | 11:16 am | Josh Setterfield

To celebrate his new EP, 'Rise', one of our favourite artists, Josh Setterfield, has provided Countrytown with an exclusive track-by-track article.

Josh Setterfield

Josh Setterfield (Source: Supplied)

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I’m stoked to have these six songs out in the world and part of a group of tracks I’m really proud of. These tracks have been recorded between my home studio here in Australia and my producer who is based in Canada.

I have been lucky to have some very talented writers to team up with who are also Canadian - including Craig Brooks, Zack Ouimet, David Boyd Janes, Jesse Slack and Jason Blaine. RISE is just the beginning, with a lot more coming sooner than you think. Stay tuned!

1. Stay

Stay is a track about a guy who isn’t the type to settle down, casually running into someone who makes them wanna change their ways, stick around and get to know them more. This is one of my favourite tracks that my team and I have ever released, and I’m stoked that it’s the final single to release this EP to! Stay was our perfect first track for RISE.

2. Blow Our Cover

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Blow Our Cover can be a bit more of a risky track, depending on how you take the storyline. But this song is about being with someone that you probably shouldn’t be caught with and trying to keep it a secret. And no matter how hard you try, you know you can’t stay away from that person. The music video to Blow Our Cover is part two to my previous single, Right About Now, where we continue the story that kicked on in the first track! Be sure to watch Right About Now first!


3. Better Off

Better Off is a big middle finger to your toxic ex-partner, and it’s about being truly ‘better off’ without them. Fans tend to find this to be the most relatable track we have released! It seems there are a lot of people out there with a toxic ex! Haha.


4. Right About Now

The song that kicked off this run of singles! Right About Now was the first song in the new era of JS tracks and still proves to be a fan favourite in our live shows!

The Right About Now music video is part one of the Blow Our Cover music video that we spoke about above, so be sure to watch this one first!


5. Feelin’ Love

Feelin’ Love is an old track that we re-recorded and re-released to be a more modern and fresh take on the old version. It’s one of the first tracks we released early on and is still one of my favourite songs to play live.

This one goes out to all the brunettes out there!


6. Nothing Like Me

Diving a little deeper and into a more serious topic, Nothing Like Me is about those people who take your ideas and use them freely as their own for their own personal gain.

You might relate to it with someone at work stealing your great ideas to tell the boss it was theirs, or even as something like a bad friend claiming something you did was actually them.

For me, it’s about an artist who had taken my hard-worked ideas and started using them and claiming them as their own. Stealing from others is 100% something I don’t stand for, whether it’s mine or someone else’s.

You’re an ‘artist’. Be an artist.