Front Deck Boom Box: Will Day

6 July 2021 | 11:32 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Will Day to find out what songs he’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

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2019 was a breakout year for Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Will Day, with the release of The Real World and the summer anthem Here to Party. His latest single Countrified follows his heartfelt ballad Dear Dad, which hit #1 on the iTunes Country Songs Chart and #7 on the All Genres Song Chart late 2020. He will release his new duet Simple Then with Brooke Schubert on July 16 and his debut album later this year.

Will will perform at Savannah In The Round in October, alongside Lee Kernaghan, Troy Cassar-Daley, The Wolfe Brothers and more. This festival will form part of his massive national tour which will reach every state in the country.

We caught up with Will to find out what songs he’s listening to for this week’s Front Deck Boom Box.

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Nashville, Indiana - O’Shea

I have to admit, I was extremely curious about the title before listening to this track, especially being an Aussie. No matter where you’re from we can all associate with Nashville, Tennessee but wait there’s another Nashville!? I was honestly blown away by this track, it’s the most intelligent piece of song writing I’ve heard in a long time. It has such a powerful message hidden within it while using a very clever analogy. I love the honesty and authenticity in the production as well but it still has a current modern country sound.

Strong Man – Natalie Pearson

This track has some serious punch and attitude and I’m lovin’ it. It’s no secret that Nat has a powerhouse voice and it’s once again on display in this track. As a vocal teacher, if I could get all of my students to try and achieve that wonderful vocal ring (twang) that she employs, I’d be a happy teacher! Again, I love the honesty in the production in this track. The way it’s been arranged and recorded is edgy and grabs your attention but still has that strong musical authenticity.

Different Round Here – Riley Green

I could listen to that drum fill intro again and again – what a huge sound! I know I keep talking about production but this track has nailed that element for me. You have these massive guitar and drums tones but it has that wonderful steel guitar blended in there to give it the country sound we all know and love. I admire the honesty in country music and can never get enough of it. I love the line ‘Proud is what you say about where you’re from’. Powerful track.

Head Full Of Honey – Andrew Swift

I’m really digging this tune from Andrew Swift. It’s such a feel good track and we need those! I think it’s a really clever take on a love song and that melody is catchy and infectious. I love the honesty in Andrew’s vocal tone – such a killer voice. Excellent instrumentation/production as well, anything with fiddle in it is ok in my books! Killer tune.

Working On The Land – Col Finley

I was lucky enough to sing BV’s on this track, the latest single from Col Finley. It has a wonderful traditional country feel. An extremely powerful message and it reminds us that we need to support our hard-working farmers through these horrible times of drought.  These are the people that put the food on our table and we need to be there for them. We especially need to be aware of mental health issues in the bush as well.

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