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Front Deck Boom Box: Hinterland

31 August 2020 | 3:51 pm | Staff Writer

To celebrate the new single from Hinterland, CountryTown caught up with singer Jesse Emmanuel and found out her five favorite tunes.

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Hinterland have landed with a splash in their debut year, arriving with the double punch of singles; In the Hinterland and Turbulence. The former saw Hinterland climb the Hot Country charts to #8 and Turbulence is just beginning its certain ascent.

To celebrate, CountryTown has caught up with singer Jesse Emmanuel and taken a look at her current five favorite tunes!

The Chicks - March March

It is so refreshing to hear The Chicks (formerly Dixie) using their voices again, both politically and musically. As usual, the girls don’t beat around the bush (no pun intended) or bother with vague metaphors when it comes to serious subject matter they feel strongly about. Natalie’s piercing verse vocal delivers controversial blow after blow, “Print yourself a weapon and take it to the gun range, ah cut the shit, you ain’t goin’ to the gun range.”

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The Buckleys - Leave Me Hanging On

Oh how I love Sarah Grace’s buttery-smooth vocals! The Buckleys have such an exciting sound and a completely unfair amount of talent for such young ages. A soulful blend of excellent songwriting, stunning harmonies and captivating chord choices. I simply cannot get enough of this group and am eagerly awaiting their debut album.

Orville Peck & Shania Twain - Legends Never Die

When I first heard this track I thought to myself, wow, this girl sounds like a gritty Shania Twain without that perfect, poppy sheen we’re so accustomed to hearing on her voice. When I realised it was indeed the legend herself, I fell in love with this deeper, looser side of Shania’s voice with a little growl that has possibly developed with age or perhaps it has been there all along, waiting for a song like this. Orville’s velvety vocal is just divine and by the time the chorus kicks in I’ve been transported to a sleazy saloon bar on the set of an old western film.

Natalie Pearson - Let Em Talk

Nat is a good friend of mine and I can’t get enough of this killer track of hers. She channels 2000s Carrie Underwood with her soaring vocal range and sassy lyrics as she tackles the haters of the world, encouraging the listener to ignore them and keep doing your own thing. An empowering message in today’s world of social media and poignant within the music industry as well. Extra points for including epic violin and guitar trade off solos!

Travis Collins - Wreck Me

Travis has worked his way to legend status in the Australian Country music scene and it’s well deserved – the man doesn’t let up with the killer tunes. I don’t think it’s as widely known either that he’s an absolute weapon on the guitar as well. “Wreck Me” gives me a bit of 90s nostalgia – this could just as easily be a Matchbox 20 cut.