Caleb Seth On The Album That Changed His Life: Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

19 September 2023 | 2:39 pm | Mary Varvaris

Get to know Arkansas-born and West Tennessee-raised artist Caleb Seth and discover why Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' changed his life.

Caleb Seth

Caleb Seth (Source: Supplied)

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Emerging country artist Caleb Seth – born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and raised in West Tennessee, recently released the touching ode to his hometown, West Tennessee, before dropping the single Slow and, soon, the upcoming track Wildfire.

Seth is in demand and only growing in popularity. In his music, the influences of Seth’s youth pour out, including Boyz II Men and the subject of his This Album Changed My Life feature, Michael Jackson. His combination of R&B inspiration with traditional country music influences, such as Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts, makes him a unique presence in country music.

Seth remarked about West Tennessee upon its release, “I had never heard anyone write a song about West Tennessee. I wanted to show appreciation for my home, West Tennessee and wrote my debut song into country music.”

It’s an impressive debut song to enter the country music realm, and you can listen to it below after finding out how Michael Jackson’s 1982 classic LP, Thriller, changed Caleb Seth’s life.

“An album that changed my life...I’d have to say Michael Jackson’s Thriller! I’m the biggest MJ fan. Pretty Young Thing, The Girl Is Mine, and Human Nature are some of the best songs ever made. He just put so much emotion into his music, regardless of the type of song it was. His production was always the highest level possible, and the delivery was insane!

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“When I first heard the album, I still remember how it made me feel. And when I started songwriting, I learned a lot by listening to his music. In an interview, Michael said he wanted to “create an album where every song was a killer”, and that’s what this album is. I swear, every time I put it on, it’s like the first time listening to it.

“As an artist and performer, I’ve learned so much from him. A lot of my vocal nuances I got from this album. I’ve seen so many of his live performances and always love watching these songs live and studying how he performed them, especially the dances. This album is timeless, and it’s the type of album every artist dreams of making. It’s a cultural phenomenon regardless of your race or age or where you grew up. It brought everyone together and showed people how music could change lives.

Thriller’s success set a new standard for music, and it’s one that even massive artists today have yet to reach. It’s one that I know I’ll spend my career aiming to hit. Can I also talk about Thriller’s music video? Fourteen minutes of cinematic genius that completely changed the music video game. It showed everyone that music videos could be more than just performing the song. Thriller’s video is a masterpiece, and both it and the album will outlive all of us.”