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You Ain’t Getting A Song by Taylor Moss – Video Premiere

9 April 2021 | 10:18 am | Mallory Arbour

Taylor Moss returns with her sassy new single, You Ain’t Getting A Song. Written by Taylor and Jesse Emmanuel, we’re elated to bring you the music video.

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A previous Artist of the Week, Taylor Moss returns with her sassy new single, You Ain’t Getting A Song. Written by Taylor and her frequent collaborator Jesse Emmanuel from Hinterland, and produced by pop legend Stuart Stuart, we’re elated to bring you the music video in this exclusive Countrytown premiere. It’s also our Song of the Day!

An ex-boyfriend inspired the Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter to pen the song, after he demanded Taylor promise not to write a song about him when they broke up.

Taylor says, “I said I was a songwriter, what do you think I’m going to do? The problem was ... I had nothing to write about because our relationship wasn’t overly amazing, and we had very different interests.”

Having road tested the new song live, Taylor says You Ain’t Getting A Song was already turning into a genuine crowd pleaser.

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She adds, “People seem to love it because it’s sassy and to the point because we’ve all had someone we’ve realised wasn’t worth it in the end.”

You Ain’t Getting A Song and her previous single Ain’t No Girly Girl, which has racked up nearly one million streams, both have strong women-empowering messages – something that Taylor says she wants to spread through her music.

She says, “I want girls to feel inspired and strong by this new single, but I also hope the boys can sing-a-long and get with the humour too.”

Taylor first entered a recording studio at the age of 15 with her debut single Stuck In My Head in 2012, and has been travelling to Nashville once a year since she was 18. She got her break winning the Urban Country Music Festival talent quest in 2012 and was later named a finalist in the 2015 Toyota Star Maker competition at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. In 2017, she was the support act for Jimmy Barnes.

Watch the video below!

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