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X’s and Y’s by Jasmin Bade – Song of the Day

31 August 2021 | 1:12 pm | Mallory Arbour

Rising Australian, Nashville based country-pop singer Jasmin Bade has released a brand-new single X’s and Y’s – it’s our Song of the Day!

Rising Australian, Nashville-based country-pop singer Jasmin Bade has released a brand-new single X’s and Y’s – it’s our Song of the Day!

Written with Emily Kroll and Jessi Pugh, the energetic pop-country track was inspired by experiencing a failed relationship and reflecting on why you ever entered into the relationship in the first place.

Jasmin says, “I would come out of these relationships, and so would my friends, and we would look back a while later and think why did I even date this guy in the first place? I think everyone has an ex or someone in their life that in hindsight, seems like a huge mistake. There are so many sad songs about being single, when in reality, more and more people are choosing to stay single for longer and longer every year. So, I wrote X’s and Y’s, because we’ve all been through it, and now all there’s left to do is laugh about it!”

Dubbed as “one to watch” by the Nashville Songwriters Association International for her debut single I’m Fine, Jasmin hit the ground running when she touched down in Nashville straight out of college. The Aussie native paired up with Spencer Jordan to pen the song, which covered the topic of mental health and was produced by Steven Martinez. Her debut single enjoyed radio play in over 50 countries and landed on key Spotify playlists such as New Music Nashville. 

With vocals comparable to Miranda Lambert and Natalie Maines of The Chicks, Jasmin uses a combination of elements that pull from the classic country she listened to growing up as well as he pop hits heard on today’s charts. As a songwriter, Jasmin is skilled at getting to the root of the story, which brings authenticity to her lyrics.

Keep up to date with Jasmin Bade on her Facebook page here.

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