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Where Did Summer Go by Bre Kennedy - Song Of The Day

4 January 2021 | 12:00 pm | Staff Writer

Simmer is a far gone for Nashville songwriter Bre Kennedy and its those memories that have inspired her single Where Did Summer Go.

Though Summer is raging in Australia, its a far gone memory for Nashville songwriter Bre Kennedy and its those memories that inspired her latest single Where Did Summer Go. It's our Song Of the Day!

Kennedy moved from Los Angeles in 2015 to join the thriving songwriting community in Nashville. She's currently working on her new album but Where Did Summer Go is a standalone outing from Bre.

Filmed and directed by Jason Lee Denton, the music video was captured over a single day and folds in with the literal and metaphorical theme of the song with the first scene taking place at sunrise and the last at sunset as another of life's seasons comes to an end.

"I hope that any one who watches this video is able to experience the feeling of reflection. I feel like we’re all learning how to process this year on our own time and I think it’s so important for everyone to have grace and compassion for themselves while going through the healing. I hope this video makes them feel a little less alone during this time." Said Bree while speaking to Country Music Television.

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