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Rachel Wammack loves in What He Does - Song Of The Day

9 September 2020 | 4:23 pm | Staff Writer

Alabaman singer-songwriter Rachel Wammack struggled with love for a long time, but she's found love and celebrating in What He Does.

Alabaman singer-songwriter Rachel Wammack really struggled with love for a long time, but she's found love and she's celebrating it in new single What He Does.

What He Does is a personal love song for Rachel Wammack. The song was written seven years ago about her husband, Noah Purcell. It lists all the incredible things that he does for her, that other partners didn't.

“I had sworn I’d never fall in love again, but Noah was one I could see myself with forever. He was so different from any other guy that I’d had feelings for in the past. So I sat down with Jimmy Robbins and Eric Arjes. We wrote a song about all the things the other guys didn’t do — and What He Does was born!” Said Rachel Wammack talking to Country Music Television.

The couple married last year after two and half years of dating. Rachel sees What He Does as her opportunity to lift her husband up in ways he does for her.

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“I wanted to write something that lifted up my man. Because that’s what he does to me. He makes life better on the good days and supports me on the hard ones. This is a hopeful song for people who have been through those difficult relationships, letting them know that love is always a possibility.”

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