Rebellion by The Nomadics – Premiere

18 January 2022 | 10:53 am | Mallory Arbour

We are elated to bring you Rebellion – the powerful new single by alt-folk, country and blues band, The Nomadics – in this exclusive premiere.

We are elated to bring you Rebellion – the powerful new single by alt-folk, country and blues band, The Nomadics – in this exclusive premiere ahead of its official release on Thursday.

Rebellion undulates with passionate, folk-hop vocals and soulful three-part harmonies over a funky upright bass, insistent drums and guitar solos wrapped within an overall infectious groove. The catchy, anthemic song emerged out of the Black Summer of 2020 when Australia was on fire and is, as a result, an edgier release for the married team of Bec Schofield and Dave Mann.

“We felt infuriated upon witnessing our government’s refusal to meet with the fire chiefs who’d been calling for climate action for some time to prevent the disaster,” says Schofield. “The song expresses our frustration at being spoken for by leaders who have taken up too much airtime and taken too little action.”

The single follows on from their WAM ‘Song Of The Year’ (Folk Category) nominated song, Wadandi Boodja, which has been complemented by a beautiful video filmed and produced in collaboration with Anton Blume and Wadandi cultural custodians and elders.

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Also backed by an emotive music video, Rebellion is a taste of The Nomadics’ forthcoming second album, Green Shoots From Dead Wood, set for release in April 2022, in time for the Fairbridge Festival, where they have long been regarded as beloved favourites. A WA album tour is to follow in May-June later this year.

Schofield and Mann met a decade ago in Kakadu, Northern Territory and have been co-creating ever since, a musical repertoire, a family (three children) and a home on wheels. Their adventures provide ample material for their songs and a rather different big blue – the ocean – is now firmly in their sights. They sing songs of country and family; breathing life into characters and stories that yearn to be heard and honoured.

Now based in Margaret River in Western Australia, they are almost always on tour, playing concerts and festivals around Australia. They’ve also supported a long list of Australian icons, including The Waifs and Missy Higgins. Their first album, Love Is A Flood was the product of their highly successful crowdfund campaign. The title track was inspired from the birth of their twins.

Listen to the song below!

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