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Lightning Bolt by Good Will Remedy – Premiere

13 May 2021 | 9:52 am | Mallory Arbour

Good Will Remedy are, at their core, four mates living their musical dream. Countrytown has your first listen of their new single Lighting Bolt!

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Good Will Remedy are, at their core, four mates living their musical dream. The Queensland-based band is comprised of lead vocalist and bassist William Lebihan, drummer Rob Penman, and both Mitch Reid and Dave Newman on guitar and vocals. Lightning Bolt is the first single off their soon-to-be-released EP, Same Old Crows – and Countrytown has your first listen ahead of tomorrow’s official release!

Written by Lebihan, Lightning Bolt is a song about those special folks who seem to believe in giving you advice/feedback/suggestions/opinions well after an event or action.

Good Will Remedy say, “Out the blisters come/when all the work is done – hindsight is a wonderful thing but does not necessarily make someone an expert – if anything it has totally the opposite effect. The song was one of our favourites to record and really encompasses the essence of the band.”

Good Will Remedy harness all that’s good from country, alt country and rock and mix it all together in a southern fried feel-good alt Countryesque Americana-style all their own. With over 1,000 live shows to their name, they have slayed across the big two of country music – the Tamworth Country Music Festival and The Gympie Music Muster – quickly becoming live favourites whether gracing the big stages or more intimate barroom parties.

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The band embraced the COVID-19 restrictions releasing an ISO video that, at last count, received over 40k views, whilst their single ANZAC DAY reached #3 on AMRAP Regional Community Radio’s most downloaded song eclipsing previously released track Caroline that reached #7 in 2019, and the subsequent video has surpassed 45k in views.

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