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Karma by Hayley Jensen – Video Premiere

20 July 2021 | 9:13 am | Mallory Arbour

Countrytown is proud to bring you the online premiere of the music video for Karma from award-winning country artist and entertainer, Hayley Jensen.

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Countrytown is proud to bring you the online premiere of the music video for the latest charting single from award-winning country artist and entertainer, Hayley Jensen. It's also our Song of the Day!

Hayley’s next album, Breakin’ Hearts is due for release later this year. She has already released the single of the same name, pop-country bop Fireworks, upbeat Just Gonna Party and now, the swampy, soulful Karma. As the name suggests, Karma is a moody, brooding song, exploring the age-old spiritual concept or ‘what goes around comes around’ in the context of infidelity, where the mistress’s name is Karma, and so too is to be the outcome.

The “Sin City” style music video, produced and directed by multi-award-winning Duncan Toombs of The Filmery, stars actors Kristy Wordsworth and Paul Hughes playing an unfaithful, adulterous pair, passionate and mischievous, living on the edge, with no clue that Karma has her eye on them and is planning retribution. In the video, Hayley plays the character of Karma, bringing the heat - and giving a new meaning to the old adage 'if you play with fire, you will get burned' – when she catches the pair in the act and sets the adulterer's prized possession, (his beloved car), up in flames.

Hayley says, “My producer, Troy Kokol, and I had such a fun time creatively with Karma - pushing traditional boundaries with sounds, textures and samples - we really wanted to ensure that each component of the production itself matched the grit, intention and message behind the song - like a soundtrack. There's even vocal samples in there that I recorded in the 'voice memos' of my phone - it just worked! And bringing the song to life in the music video with Duncan Toombs from The Filmery was incredible! I wanted the feature colour of red, and that almost black and white "Sin City" style treatment. The story line Duncan developed captured all that mystery, tension and emotion. It’s hands down one of my favourite music videos!”

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Hayley has spent the best part of two decades honing her craft and collaborating with the best in the business from across the globe. She became a household name after becoming a finalist on Australian Idol, and later The Voice in 2014, where she was described as ‘the whole package’ by coach Kylie Minogue.

After self-releasing her first #1 iTunes Country album ‘Past Tense & Present Peace in 2007, Hayley released her ARIA #3 Australian Country Album, Turning Up The Dial in 2018. The record was the 3rd highest selling Australian Country Album according to ARIA, and the 2nd highest selling digital album on iTunes Country charts. The same year, Hayley was invited to the UK to perform at Buckle & Boots Country Festival and was a finalist in the 2018 CMC Awards. She has also won an Australian Independent Country Music Award.

She toured Canada in 2019, performing at Calgary Stampede, Alberta, and Dauphin’s CountryFest, Manitoba – the only Australian artist on both official line ups. In February 2020, Hayley released a stunning version of Sarah McLachlan’s classic, Angel as a duet with legendary Australian country artist Beccy Cole, which hit #1 on iTunes Country charts and Australian Country Radio. This was a special side project for Hayley as it was a fan favourite song that she performed on Idol 15 years before, chosen by her late father.

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