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Hook, Line and Sinker by Renée Jonas – Premiere

16 April 2021 | 12:14 pm | Mallory Arbour

Countrytown is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of Renée Jonas’ new single, Hook, Line and Sinker ahead of its official Monday release.

Countrytown is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of Renée Jonas’ new single, Hook, Line and Sinker ahead of its official Monday release. Strong female characters are important to the singer-songwriter, and this shines through in her new self-penned track.

Renée wrote Hook, Line and Sinker for a course she was studying. However, the song grew into the story of a woman telling a man she isn’t after just any romance; she wants to fall hook, line and sinker and for him to do the same.

She says, “I spent a lot of time rewriting it and editing it and then demoed it in the lead-up to my Nashville trip a few years ago. I took it to Nashville and played it to a few publishers, but decided that I really liked the song and it suits me because it’s a bit cheeky and playful. There’s the bridge that’s saying there are plenty more fish in the sea and the song suits me and my attitude to relationships."

She adds, “I also think it’s really topical with the #metoo movement and females are really coming into their own, so I think it’s a really good thing to have strong female songs. I think females want to hear strong female songs, they want to hear songs that can be role models for them, and make them feel like they’re not alone.”

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The song is not a serious take on relationships, though, with a lightheartedness to the female empowerment theme.

She says, “The whole point of the song is ‘no, I’m not just going to fall for you because you’re telling me some nice things; you’ve got to be ready to fall for me, because I’m ready for more than a short term thing’ and it’s showing that women can stand up for themselves and don’t have to settle.”

The music video continues this theme with Jay Seeney from Blacklist Productions at the helm. It was shot around the Appin region in New South Wales, with Renée driving a rented red convertible sports car. The video also features a number of her friends – including fellow artists Katie Jayne and Dani Young.

Renée grew up on 100 acres of subtropical rainforest in northern NSW – with no TV or radio – and learnt to sing as a way of entertaining herself. She was the lead soloist with The Ten Sopranos for over five years before returning to her country roots. After releasing a cheeky Christmas song, she dropped her first commercial single from her debut EP Don't Say It (If You Don't Mean It) in early 2018, which racked up over 105,000 views across social media platforms within the first two months and was featured across a number of community radio stations throughout Australia. Her 2019 singles Butterflies, When I’m With You Tonight with country artist Benny Allen and Blame It On The Wine, as well as her 2020 Christmas single Naughty Little Me, followed. Hook, Line and Sinker is her first release for 2021.

Renée was previously mentored by Jasmine Rae, and would like to thank both her current mentors Hayley Jensen and Amber Lawrence for their support and guidance. She is also the recipient of the 2017 TSA APRA/AMCOS ‘New Songwriter of the Year’ award, and was a semi-finalist in the 2018 Gympie Muster Talent Quest.

Watch the video below!

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