Hippie Dress by Jonny Taylor - Video Premiere

23 March 2021 | 10:33 am | Mallory Arbour

Jonny Taylor is celebrating the love for his wife on his brand-new song, Hippie Dress, and Countrytown has your first view of the music video.

Emerging country singer-songwriter Jonny Taylor is celebrating the love for his wife on his brand-new song, Hippie Dress, and Countrytown has your first view of the music video for this exclusive premiere.

Produced by Jared Adlam, Hippie Dress is a rocking track that has Jonny’s trademark guitar riffs all over it, but is a marked departure from his deep and moody songs. Jonny was touring with Adam Brand in Western Australia in 2020, when Adam suggested they write a song together during a seven-hour bus trip.

Jonny says, “Brandy said, ‘you’re always smiling, and Nicole is a ray of sunshine, so why don’t you write a song about that?’ so we joke that Brandy started writing a love song to my wife. He could see the love between us, and he called to me and said, ‘bring your guitar, I’ve got a song idea’.”

He adds, “I’ve probably written four love songs over my career, but they’re more songs about trying to make a better effort for each other – this is the first one that really celebrates her in a cool way. There’s a line about moonshine and dandelions – I do make home brew, and we have watched the dandelions open with the sunrise, it’s not just a country cliche. I just can’t write about anything that isn’t completely true or accurate.”

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Keeping with the organic and carefree nature of the song, Jonny made the music video himself with Nicole.

This is Jonny’s first new music since 2017, following a break to work on his mental health and rediscover his love of music. He previously released the albums Dig Deep (2017), Something To Say (2013) and Insights (2011), as well as the EPs, I Believe In You (2015) and Sad Girl (2010).

He says, “I needed a break from music, and I got swallowed up with building a house and getting the farm up and running and then when COVID came, it was my time to step away from music. I can now sit down with the guitar and be creative again because at the end of the Dig Deep album, I hit the period of ‘what do I do now?’”

Jonny tasted mainstream success, following stints on Australian Idol in 2008 and Australia's Got Talent in 2012, where he touched audiences around the world with his original song Young Man, written for a friend battling alcoholism. While he doesn’t set out to sound like anybody in particular, Jonny's love of grunge and rock music fuse seamlessly with his passion for country storytelling, forming a unique sub-genre dubbed ‘Gruntry.’

Watch the video below!

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