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Hell You Raised by Mae Estes – Song of the Day

14 May 2021 | 10:15 am | Mallory Arbour

Our Song of the Day is sassy 'Hell You Raised' by Arkansas-born but Nashville-based independent country artist Mae Estes.

Our Song of the Day is Hell You Raised by Nashville-based independent country artist Mae Estes.

She says, “I’ve always been a bit of a dare-devil (riding bucking bulls, breaking my eye socket, etc.) and one day while we were talking about all of the trouble I’ve caused, my Mama said ‘I guess I’ll take the credit or I’ll take the blame when it comes to your raising.’ I paired that with another idea I had written down a long time ago and we got the hook to that song. It includes snips of southern advice that I think so many people can relate to and overall stands as an anthem dedicated to my Mama, thanking her for being the incredible influence she’s been and raising me to be so fearless, but also giving a sassy-jab by saying ‘I’m only this way because she was too.’” 

Mae started singing when she was young, wanting to prove she could do it better than LeeAnn Rimes, the then 7-year-old sang the national anthem at an Arkansas rodeo arena. As a teenager, she performed every Tuesday night on an AM radio show, where she first discovered her love for traditional country music. Taking inspiration from artists like Keith Whitley and Lee Ann Womack, Mae merges the timelessness of traditional country music with modern melodies and production to form her exclusive artistry.

The Arkansas-born artist moved to Nashville in 2015, working several odd jobs while pursuing a career in singing/songwriting. In 2019, Mae independently released her debut single, Naked and toured internationally with Armed Forces Entertainment, performing for U.S. Air Force Bases in Guam, Diego Garcia and Singapore. During quarantine, she released a nostalgic demo called Recycled, followed by a confidence anthem titled Best Side. She signed her first publishing deal in November of 2020.

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Mae goes live on Facebook and TikTok every week for ‘Maeday Monday’, where she performs unreleased music, sings requests, and answers questions. She has also uploaded covers to her YouTube page, including Shenandoah’s Moon Over Georgia and Blake Shelton’s Austin.

Keep up to date with Mae Estes on her Facebook page here.

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