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Go Ahead, Celebrate by Matt Joe Gow – Video Premiere

22 September 2021 | 10:01 am | Mallory Arbour

Matt Joe Gow has dropped his latest single, Go Ahead, Celebrate, and Countrytown has your first look at the music video in this exclusive premiere!

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Matt Joe Gow recently dropped his latest single, Go Ahead, Celebrate, and Countrytown has your first look at its accompanying music video in this exclusive premiere! It's our Song of the Day!

Following on from last year’s Too Far To Go, the #1 AMRAP charting song, which saw the New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based Americana singer-songwriter team with southern gothic Americana duo, The Weeping Willows, Go Ahead, Celebrate is the first single taken from his forthcoming album, Between Tonight And Tomorrow.

He says, "Go Ahead, Celebrate was written in late 2019.  My band was riding high, having won the Music Victoria Award for ‘Best Country Album’, we were being invited to play some amazing festivals and shows, and were preparing to record the new album.  We were feeling good, and after the highs and lows of the previous three albums, this song was about taking stock of what you have and celebrating the moment.  The song and the new album will be the third album to be produced by myself and longtime guitarist Andrew Pollock, and I feel the song's sentiment still rings true.  Perhaps even more so today in the face of what appears to be a completely changed landscape for myself and much of society as whole.  Now, more than ever, I feel we need to celebrate the little things, the moments together, the wins.”

The music video, directed by Regan Wood of Hit 66 Sound & Screen, was filmed in the Lilydale Athenaeum and Brunswick Ballroom in Melbourne.

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Growing up in Dunedin, New Zealand, surrounded by music, Matt was encouraged to pick up a guitar at an early age. After traveling the world, he moved to Melbourne, Australia, drawn by its culture and vibrant music scene. He formed a band, The Dead Leaves, and in 2009 released his debut record The Messenger, while touring regularly as well as supporting acts like Chris Isaak, Justin Townes Earle, James Reyne, Kasey Chambers, Marlon Williams, Jimmy Barnes, John Butler and more.

It 2016, he released the record, Seven Years, which was nominated for the Music Victoria Award for ‘Best Country/Americana Album Of The Year’, followed by Break, Rattle and Roll in 2018, which was awarded ‘Best Country Album’ in the 2019 Music Victoria Awards.

He headed back into the studio in early 2020 with the guiding concept of making a stripped-back record, unvarnished by production tricks and elaborate instrumentation. With recording complete and while preparing to mix and master the record that would become the new album, the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. With Matt touring overseas and the Melbourne studio under strict lockdown, the choice was made to continue work on the record remotely over the following year. The result is a unique record which, although laborious to make during a dark and difficult time, is the most pure and direct expression of Matt's songwriting and artistic vision of his career.

Watch the video below!

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