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Fireworks by Hayley Jensen – Song Of The Day

13 January 2021 | 4:23 pm | Mallory Arbour

Hayley Jensen wrote her latest single, Fireworks in celebrate of unition, the spark of love and beauty of togetherness during covid pandemic.

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Described as ‘the whole package’ by Kylie Minogue on The Voice, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Hayley Jensen’s banger Fireworks is our Song of the Day!  

Co-written with Phil Barton and Dana Heaton-Perdue, and released just before the end of 2020, Fireworks was written in celebrate of unition, the spark of love and the beauty of togetherness. The music video reinforces that idea by featuring beautifully heartwarming and funny home movie footage. 

“The song is all about the spark of love! That feeling that lights you up inside when you’re with the ones you cherish. As a year filled with so much isolation draws to an end, I wanted to capture the precious feeling and spark of being together to spread that love across the world,” says Hayley.

“2020 [has] been so crazy. People have been isolated and kept apart from the ones they love, but together, we have made it through! My family from across the globe have shown so much love and devotion … so, in this video, I wanted to shine a light on them.”

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Fireworks follows Hayley's previous singles Breakin' Hearts and Angel featuring Beccy Cole, which hit #1 on iTunes Country charts and Australian Country Radio. Her third album Turning Up The Dial reached #16 on the ARIA Australian Albums Charts and earned her a nomination for ‘New Artist of the Year’ at the 2018 CMC Awards. Her previous album, Past Tense & Present Peace achieved her first iTunes #1 chart position.

Having collaborated with international songwriters and producers online during the Covid pandemic, Fireworks is just another exciting taste of Hayley's eagerly anticipated album, which is due for release later this year.

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